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GMTT still tracks buildings

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Patch notes mention that this was somehow related to the FLIR and has been fixed, but it was never related to the FLIR and could be done before even if the aircraft wasn't even carrying a FLIR.


To recreate:

1. In the mission editor, place some structures from the "structures" menu on the map that are capable of being tracked by FTT

2. Place moving vehicles near these structures, as they are in the attached track

3. Go to GMT mode

4. Attempt to track the 'bricks' representing the moving vehicles, even using EXP 3 to ensure good placement

5. Sometimes observe that the radar chooses to track a structure instead.


Conclusion: GMTT is behaving exactly like FTT would.


Expected behavior: When attempting track on a synthetic return in GMT, only moving contacts would be tracked.


In the attached track, I attempt track several time on two moving vehicles. I have the FLIR active so you can see what the radar is choosing to track. The radar instead chooses to track one of the buildings about half a mile away. Before the track ends, I slew the FLIR to show what the radar should have been tracking instead.


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  • ED Team

I have reported again, this was supposed to be fixed. 


The track clearly shows the issue thanks


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