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Canopy Jettison on Eject Bug (after canopy gets blown off from manually opening it)


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According to some friends this bug happened on the Viggen a few years back, maybe now it's migrated to the 15bis. I checked the MiG-15bis bug forums and didn't see it mentioned, so I am making this post. 


Had this bug happen while playing the relic campaign in the MiG-15bis. Here is a brief description of events, with a recording and tacview following:


1) I took a couple rounds to the front from some ground based .50 cals to the front half of the fuselage.

2) I lost hydro and fuel. Engine started to spool down.

3) I deflated the cockpit seal by the right hip

4) I opened the cockpit by clicking one of the handles (right or top, I can't remember). The wind blew it off as expected 

5) I pressed ctrl+E 3x to eject.

6) A seemingly infinite amount of canopies continually jettisoned one after the other.

7) After my MiG ran out of its supply of 100s of canopies, it stopped and my pilot ejected.


Track file:



Clip I took (after the bug started)"


Thank you,



edit: it appears the trk file screwed up and saved as a "file", but it looks like some stuff is accessible via the drive link nonetheless. 

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