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SHKVAL and KeyBoard


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hey all -


2 questions. ive searched and cant find in manual or threads in here.


1. how do i move the target pipper in the SHKVAL using the keyboard? the manual says it's , / ; . but when i use those keys, the pipper does not move. what is the step by step procedure to be able to move the SHKVAL? perhaps im missing a step or do not have a system turned on?


2. im using a keyboard, not a joystick. the manual says to move the ka50 using UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrow keys. well that does not work either. i checked the controls in options and they appear to look fine. any suggestions?

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Im sorry but whats wrong with the manual? Just read it or check the keycard (should be there in DOC folder maybe) for what buttons do what. I dont have BS yet so i dont know, but the documentation seems to be good - as usual.





Alex "Snuffer" D.

AMD FX8350 (8 core) 4.1GHZ ::: 8GB Dominator 1600mhz ::: GTX660 2GB ::: 2xHD ::: 24" ASUS

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