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J-10 vs J-11 in BFM performance

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Might not be the right place but I hope Deka devs might give us some insights into the pros and cons of the J-10 vs the Flanker family IRL

Who has better sustained turn performance
What game plans do J-10 and J-11 pilots prefer, angles or energy etc

interesting things about the J-10s performance up close
All other info is welcome too if you have excerpts from documentaries etc

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I suspect you'd be disappointed if you learned how little mock dogfighting modern fighter pilots do. It's also not a very practical thing to do in real life anyways. It was a bad idea in WW1 and WW2 and hasn't gotten any better with age. While it certainly happened in real life on many occasions, that doesn't mean it was smart. It is fun to do in video games though.

In any case, I'm sure basic performance charts like max sustained turn rate exist. I think and hope our flight models adhere to them closely. That likely isn't the kind of thing they can just post on a forum due to copyright, though.

System specs: i5-10600k (4.9 GHz), RTX 2080 Super, 32GB DDR4 3200, NVMe SSD, Reverb G2, WinWing Super Libra/Taurus, CH Pro Pedals.

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