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VR surprised me


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Few months ago, I returned my G2 as I just couldn't get it to run as well as I wanted it to, even with a 6800XT.  Of course, it's not the best card out there, and my processor is pretty old relatively.  I decided I'd go the head tracking route and got the Delan clip stuff, and it's been working great.

But I have to admit... I kind miss VR.

I think once AMD's AM5 chips and the next gen of GPUs come out, if I can get both, I very well may try VR out again.  It was so close to playable with the 6800XT, with a new CPU and cutting edge GPU, I really think it'll be doable.

Just need to find a headset with an appropriately wider FOV and clarity.  lol

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1 hour ago, A2597 said:

I've been enjoying the Vive Pro 2, decent FOV, although still a far cry from PIMAX, but I can read everything in the cockpit, and run it on a 3070, so I'm happy.

Vive Pro 2 is a very nice headset, albeit a little pricey especially if one needs to get the base stations and controllers.

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Don B

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