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Is it possible to declutter the HSD/HAD?

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Sometimes I have like 40-50 wpt incl lines loaded into the HSD. Adding SAM rings, datalink and rangerings the HSD/HAD can sometimes become very cluttering. So I tried to de-select some of the "LINE"-information, however it doesn't seem to work, or am I doing something wrong? How can I deselect information displayed. (Maybe the functionality is not implemented yet?).

(Snapshot is from chucks guide)



I've tried to figure it out from chucks guide, however I had no luck.

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I think Line 1-4 are not implemented yet, they would be seperate dashed lines indicating something (like for example marking the area of operation for a tanker)


But if you press CNTL and then deselect something (that is implemented, like rings for example) then that will disappear from the HSD.


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There can be up to 3 navigational routes, flight plans if you will. DCS only populates NAV1 from the mission editor. Lines1-4 have traditionally been up to 5 waypoint-defined connected line segments each which could outline boxes or other shapes on the HSD.

We don't haves NAV2, NAV3, or any LINE yet so there's nothing to show/hide. NAV1 should show/hide the flight plan route though.

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Looking forward to Lines being implemented. 
I like putting in the FLOT and “kill boxes” for better SA.

Even better will be when we get the DTC and mission planning 🎉


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