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Converting track to AVI?


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Question for all those making movies out there...Are you converting saved track files to AVIs or just using something like FRAPs to do your recording? I started converting a track but after waiting a few hours, I was only just taking off! And if you are converting tracks to AVI, what settings are you using in regards to codec, screen res etc?



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personally i say using the track to convert to avi is a horrible idea since you are not going to need all that raw footage. FRAPS is the way to go, record only what you want. Saves time and hard drive space.



My only reservation with FRAPS is, lets say I want an external and internal view of a 20 sec segment of flight...how can I record both to use in my movie? Maybe I'm just too big of a video making noob...Is there a walk through out there somewhere?

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Use Fraps.


Fly your flight(s).


Save the track(s).


Play back the track while recording with Fraps but slow down time on the track several times. This enables you to get a smother frame rate when playing back as frames don't drop.


Take recorded track and put into video editing software.


Speed up track to compensate for amount of slow down added.


Add any special/visual effects you want.


Add sound effects.




The average movie takes several weeks to several months (depends on how much time you devote to it) to make depending on it's content, different shots and amount of shots.


If you want several shots/angles you need to capture the same track from a different view.


Glowing Amraam created a nice little tutorial type thing over the lock on section of the these forums. It's called Movie Making or something or other. I suggest you take a read and devote some time.



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EDIT: Or do what DTWD said :)


Mind you I did not have to compensate, fraps'd no problems with no slow downs.

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