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question regarding the FRZ function in GM


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When choosing the FZ the radar should stop transmitting, correct? If so - we should not be able to "lock" a target. 

Moving the cursor should keep updating the SPI? If we freeze the picture - the jet should still "remember" the grid and let us get a coordinate even if we fly FROM the target, right?

If the current implementation correct or is it still a WIP?


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You would expect the picture so stay static no matter if you fly towards the target/away from the target/be a 100 nm away from the target, no?

The plane's SPI should be at the cursor position and the TGP for this matter should try to slave it self to this SPI.

At the moment the picture become black if the radar cone is getting away (over flew the target for instance).

What should be the correct behavior? 


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The correct behavior is for the image to stay there until you deselect freeze. I talked to an F-16 driver about this recently.

ED has modeled this incorrectly in both the F-16 and F-18. Of course, there are no public documents that say this -- but there are also no documents that say the screen should go black (which it currently does in DCS)

Hope this gets some attention at some point.

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