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Asphelite presents: Aerial Combat Championship (ACC - AC²) - Season 2023


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Asphelite presents:




"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston Churchill


Dear fighter pilots and friends - I am incredibly proud to announce the first instance of this entirely new tournament!

Aerial Combat Championship, ACC or AC² for short, is a 6v6, NoAWACS, BVR Tournament created with the intend to provide a new approach to the competitive tournaments, while also enrichening the amount of tournaments available.
I will talk about more specific info on how the tourny is set up a bit further down, but first I would like to elaborate on my motivation or why I set out to create this tournament:

Flying DCS since early 2021 and competing in the competitive space since joining my squadron in ~August-September 2021, together with OneTrickPony we have been able to compete in numerous events - SATAL and SATAC, TACT and others just to name a few - and sadly had some few bad but mostly a lot of great experiences in these past tournaments.
I personally (and my team) often felt like some different or variating modes or setups were missing - so I finally decided to make my run for it.
With ACC I am aiming to give everyone a great place and opportunity to have fun in their favorite airframe, while also trying to make it fair. I value good communications and I hope you find that I stand by my word. For me, honest sportsmanlike behaviour is at upmost priority and I expect this from every one of you as well.
I am very lucky to have a couple of very experienced pilots from different squadrons help me refine the ruleset I created - and without @vtaf_archer, I dont think that I would have been able to create the many scripts and systems that I initially planned for.
Thank you all very much for that 🫡 You all are incredible people and pilots and I would not be able to bring this tournament to everyone without you.

Alright, with all of that being said: Lets get to business, shall we?




The ACC Discord-Server serves as the main source of information as well as the means for organizing each element during the tournament. Please join the server for everything important via the link below:

-> Discord Invite Link <-

Please be informed that every detail about the tournament can be found in the Discord and will be explained there in more depth, as well as giving you the opportunity to directly ask questions (ticket system [preferred] or public channel). This forum post serves as a rough overview. 
Discord Server Membership is required for a valid sign up.

Format and Structure

Aerial Combat Championship (ACC) is a 6 versus 6, NoAWACS, BVR tournament focused solely on the competitive PvP aspect of DCS. Unlike other tournaments, its combat zone is rectangular (see Discord maps-setup section). A maximum of 16 teams may sign up for the tournament.

ACC consists of two phases - a group and an elimination phase.
1) Group phase:
The phase consists of two stages, with 4 groups consisting of 4 teams each. Every team plays against each other team in its respective group ("Round Robin"). Group allocation will be random in Stage 1, for Stage 2 there is a fair system in place ensuring compliance with the rest of the rules (see the Discord Ruleset Channels for more detailed information).

2) Elimination phase:
This phase consists of two divisions, created from the top 8 and bottom 8 teams at the end of the group phase. Each division plays their own Knockout, so everyone stays in the tournament until their ultimate defeat during the eliminations.




Airframe Restrictions:
- Modern airframes only
- No F15C -> there is an F15E

- No Jammers, no Smokes, no A2G Weapons
- TALDS, TPODs allowed

Other limitations:
- No 9X
- Max. 8 A2A Missiles
- Max. 4x Fox-3 (any)
- Max. 2x R-73

WSO's and RIO's are welcome! (No restrictions)


Sign Ups

You can only sign up via the Discord linked above. 

Please monitor this thread or the Discord for announcements.



Each stage and phase has a deadline. Matches are to be completed prior to the deadline expiring. 
The initial schedule will include default dates, however everyone is free to negotiate a more fitting date and time as long as such a rescheduling is within the rules of the tournament.


Currently, there are no prizes - you fight for fun and honor.

Film - Top Gun - The DreamCage

Honor and Glory - Dignity in Death


Further Information

- Maps flown during the tournament are Caucasus, Syria and Persian Gulf - since not everyone has all the maps, there is a common map-pool created during the match-selection process, providing "replacement" or "substitute" maps in case of missing maps, always allowing to choose one out of three maps. Please see the rules-section on the discord or the rulebook below.
- There will be dedicated tournament servers. (Big thanks to everyone at OneTrickPony for allowing me to use the servers)
- Matches will be streamed live (if possible). Please monitor the Discord Servers announcement chat for that purpose.
- Please join the discord or DM me directly, if you have questions. I am happy to assist and clarify.



Thank you for taking a look at all of this, it really means a lot to me.
Please see the Ruleset on the Discord for detailed information on any these topics, it is extremely important that you have read them.
Alternatively, if you do not wish to join the discord yet, feel free to take a look at the full Rulebook attached to this very forum post. 


Please join the Discord (Invite Link here) for further and especially more detailed information.
I hope I could wake your teams interest in participating in this tournament.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you soon ™️

with kindest regards



Fight's on!


Contact: Discord @Asphelite

If you wish to provide prizes by sponsoring the tournament despite this being the first iteration of the tournament and my appearance as an organizer, please DM me via Discord.


Do not reply to this post.


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Rulebook updated to ver.8
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Hello everyone,

moving closer to the start of ACC'23, I wish to announce minor changes to some technicalities of the ruleset. Please see the changelog further down below. 

The newest version of the rulebook is Version 6. 

Thank you all. See you very soon ™️


- explanation for gathering of stats has been refined to match implementation
- Zone size increased, innerzone was: 90x60nm - now: 90x70nm (+10nm in depth)
- cases of being considered dead have been clarified a tad (Section "Zoneworks and capturing the Zone")
- Timer/Countdown/Time until you have to have entered the zone after it becoming contested, was: 3min - now: 5min
I have added this very changelog in the "tournament-info" channel on the ACC-Discord as well.

Do not reply to this thread.

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!-> Please join the Discord to Sign Up. <-!


The sign ups will run for pretty much exactly 2 weeks, opening at 1200zulu and closing at 1800zulu.

The schedule will be released shortly after that, aiming to begin the tournament late November and running up to April.
These are approximations and are subject to change.


I'm very much looking forward to every single one of you.


Fight's on!
w/ regards,


Do not reply to this thread.


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  • 2 weeks later...

All entries for this season have been distributed!
Following the successful sign-up of 16 teams, the sign-ups have been locked.

You may sign up as a backup team, however it is not guaranteed that you will be pulled to replace a team that happens to be pulling out during the tournament.
The Mercenary Sign Ups remain open throughout the tournament season.

With the groups, schedule as well as the scrim missions being released via the Discord during the course this week, I am proud to announce that

the season will kick off on the 1st of December.

Thank you all - see you in the skies.
Fight's On!

Join the Discord Server
->Discord Link<-

Do not reply to this thread.

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Posted (edited)




16 Teams

have fought for their places amongst the two, eight team large Divisions, which (initially) were meant to both play their own Elimination Phase.
With the amount of dropouts during the tournament, only 8 of the 10 remaining teams will proceed to fight to become the 



I wish all combatants good luck and fair skies, may the strongest prove themselves.


The proceeding teams are (in order of ranking): M, E-TF, FTQ, oTp, 45th, TORO, WF and Snake.


Good luck to all!

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Posted (edited)

There we have it!


With ETF coming out on top vs. TORO last week and Snake having to forfeit their Quarter-Finals Match due to unforeseen pilot shortages, we are now down to 4 Teams remaining in the race to become the 2023 Aerial Combat Champions!!

Congrats to 45th, WF, E-TF and oTp for making it so far!

I hope to welcome Mumblerines, FTQ, TORO and Snake next time around again.




The next match will take place on March 31st at 17z! Make sure you tune in.

-> Discord Invite Link <-

Ash out

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45th JFG Horsemen (45th) will take on Eclipse Task Force (E-TF) to become the 

Team Wadafak (WF) and One Trick Pony (oTp) will compete for 3rd place.


-> Discord Invite Link <-

See you there!

Ash out

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Tonight, at exactly 1800zulu, the 45th JFG Horsemen and Eclipse Task Force will take on each other to become the AERIAL COMBAT CHAMPIONS of the 2023 season!

Both have been fighting all the way up the ladder, meaning theres only one last fight to determine who is the best of the best of ACC.
Since this is the finale, I've been trying to gather some of the BEST streamers of the DCS Competitive Space to host the finale stream - with RL always being a factor, not everyone was able to make it, sadly.

But "not everyone" has to mean someone, right?
That's why I will be hosting the finale together with my good friend Monarch and the legendary NoWheels himself!

We will also see the premiere of a community submitted Finale Trailer during the stream, so stay hyped for that and a big thanks to the 343ku and especially starry_fox_nine for going out of their way to make a cinematic on their own behalf!

We will launch the stream at around 1745zulu, so be sure to tune in over at my Twitch Channel!  (Link)

This is gonna be epic!
Until later,

~Ash out


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