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Dogfights with the AI (modern fighters)

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I'm not sure where else to put this post. 

I'm trying to practice dogfighting with guns only against AI fighters and it's pretty difficult even with the AI "skill" set to the lowest. 
Doing maneuvers like barrel rolls, yo-yo, horizontal scissors, and others don't work most of the time.
I've been mainly trying with the MiG-29, Su-27, Mirage-2000C and F-15C. The AI always seems to have better turn rates and acceleration. Sometimes they just orbit at high altitude (~8 Km+) for some reason.
I know about maintaining momentum and balancing turn rate with speed, but the AI just seems to good at it on the lowest "difficulty". 
I wonder if the AI's flight model has something to do with this, or maybe there's stuff I'm missing, or both. 
Anyways, I'd like to know of any guides out there that could help me out.


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Well practice takes time. AI is easy to beat, if you know how. Most aircraft are only good at one thing, which is either one circle (nose to nose) or two circle (nose to tail), so you should focus on the strength of your aircraft. If you fly the SU27 or Mirage for example, try to force one circle fights. Don't focus on any maneuvers, you don't need them at all. Look up videos on the circle fights (called BFM), I think Growling Sidewinder has some of them. 

You need to learn how to manage your energy in a fight, which means to find the sweet spot between being too fast (can't turn) and too slow (can't follow). I recommend learning to fight in the SU27 against the F14-B AI, which will always go for the two circle. This might be frustrating first, but you will learn a lot about the energy management and one circle vs. two circle. 


I can also recommend this very old video:


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Thanks for the suggestions!

I think the AI physics is a big part of my frustration. The other day I noticed that a loaded Su-27 without afterburners could fly faster than me in my guns-only MiG-29 WITH afterburners.

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On 7/23/2023 at 8:47 PM, razo+r said:

The AI currently is known to defy physics for now. ED is planning on changing that sometime in the future.

This problem should have been long time ago ED's top priority. It's a terrible flaw on a suposed combat flight simulator.

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