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Any update for the end of the year?


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Some good news! Finally! :notworthy:

Red Star Simulations, MiG-17F:

Dear DCS community,
Welcome to this final update of 2023. Now that Christmas has passed, let us reflect on this year and the current status of the MiG-17F module.
• Flight dynamics are 95+% complete
• Cockpit model and texturing are 95+% complete
• External 3D model is complete and undergoing texturing (60% complete)
• Systems modeling is in progress (15% complete)
In addition to the module status, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to the ASP-4N gunsight and SRD-1M radio range finder (gun radar). The MiG-17F is equipped with the ASP-4N in combination with the SRD-1M.
The ASP-4N is a gyro-stabilized, optical, semi-automatic gunsight, similar to but an improvement on the ASP-3N gunsight used in the MiG-15. However, unlike the ASP-3N, the ASP-4N has 3 modes: fixed, gyro and gun radar. A mechanical backup sight is available in case of failure. 
The SRD-1M is a radio range finder works together with the ASP-4N and can only be used against aerial targets. The radio range finder sends out short periodical electro-magnetic pulses and receives them when returning from a target, distance is calculated and sent to the gunsight.
Gunsight Modes:
• The reticle is fixed in position, where the wingspan and distance are manually adjustable, as in ASP-3N gunsight.
Gyro mode
• Reticle moves automatically approximating the flight of the NR-23 cannon rounds; gyro sight is programmed only with the ballistics of the NR-23 cannon.
• It is engaged by setting the handle on the left side of gunsight to gyro mode.
• Wingspan and distance are manually adjustable.
• Gyro mode is only to be used in aerial combat.
Gun radar mode:
• Set the gunsight to gyro mode.
• Turn on the SRD-1 gun radar located on the left wall, aft of the throttle.
• Gun radar relay needs to warm up for approximately 90 seconds by turning ON the high AC voltage switch on the console. Turn off High AC voltage switch after 90-120 seconds.
• Gun radar tracking is automatic, the radar chooses the most convenient target plane and locks it on.
• Two lamps mounted on the left side of the sight head note a gun radar target tracking. Bottom green lamp illuminates when the target is locked at a distance of 300-2000 meters. Top red lamp illuminates when the target is locked at the ideal shooting distance of 400-1200 meters.
• Radar determines the distance and shows the ideal shooting solution.
• Ballistics of the gun radar can be switched between NR-23 or N-37 mm cannons.
Enjoy the pictures and please note that everything is subject to change.
All of us at Red Star would like to thank you for your support over the last year.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year







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Hi guys,

Looking great in general, but I hope you already have noticed a lot of spelling errors, right?

Do you plan to do anything with them? Because they are quite major/noticable and there are quite a few of them. I've noticed at least 4 of them in these screenshots.

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You can poke them about in on their Facebook profile, they're more active over there. Although I've noticed it's already been brought up in latest comments. Still, they ask about specific examples of misspelling.

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Unfortunately for the situation I don't have an account on Facebook and will not create it just to communicate with them. But if other people already told them, there is a hope they will fix it.

However, if they don't speak Russian to an extent they do not notice obvious misspellings (like large 'Осторозхно!" instead of "Осторожно!" on a big read placard) it brings the doubts on the quality of the product in general. How did they create a module not being able to even read the manuals properly? I hope this doubts are void, but...

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They wrote on FB that they have access to a native speaker who they pass all the markings through. I guess the guy isn't native enough or he didn't really bother to do his job properly ;).

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i7 9700K @ stock speed, single GTX1070, 32 gigs of RAM, TH Warthog, MFG Crosswind, Win10.

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