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Finally ordered my Track IR 3 Pro

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I am jealous! :(


I still can not get my Track IR3! Maybe in a month or two ...

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download the latest software from natural point.

it already has predefined setups...

You can edit the current default one and adjust it to your likings.

It's real easy.


With this version, (4.023beta) you can assing directX inputs to Center, Enhace mode, pause.

TrackIR Main Screen. -select Combat Flight. and click Edit





To adjust your headmovent:


Select Yaw, Click Edit Yaw.

Select Pitch, Click Edit Pitch.

Adjust the dots to what you feel comfortable with.



To Change Key assignments:



To change key assignments for centering, enhancemode, pause, click

the hot keys tab, press change and press the button on your HOTAS setup.

(don't forget to clear that button in your HOTAS profile software)



The installed manual goes thru this, but I just gave you the readers digest version...



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Mighty nice of you. Thanks a bundle :)


Suddenly time is moving 3 times as slow as usual. 2 times waiting for 1.1 and one more time waiting for my new toy.

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