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My own cockpit chair project


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Well I do love flightsims and I think they should be played with as much realism one can get so I made my own flighsim chair :P


Its not nice to look at but it does do what it's meant to do.


From the beginning its an normal office chair, I just remade it so I could use my throttle with my left hand and to have the cyclic (saitek X52) between my legs as in a real jetfighter/helicopter. To the left of the throttle is a G13 logitech gaming keyboard that I have instead of a normal keyboard and its programmable of course. To the right I have space for the mouse. I use TrackIR5 to look around. Sometimes I use my projector when I play on a 110" screen but normaly I do it on my 22" HD monitor.


Yeah I know I am a bit crazy but the fact is that building the chair didnt cost me anything so well why not? :pilotfly:


Attached some pictures.





Go Ugly Early

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