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  1. Is Oculus even released yet? I thought it was still in development, actually I'm pretty sure it is.
  2. I like how the side opens for access nice looking pit.
  3. That spare monitor is just screaming to have the MFD's added to the corners! Especially if your flying A10C!
  4. There was a trick to adding tension to an X52 spring using the top of the case CDR's come in. It was kinda like a washer that compressed the spring a little and you could add more to tighten it. It worked for me at least and definitely gave it a better feel, I'd imagine it would have worked just as well for an X45 as well.
  5. Where do you live? I don't use mine at all (simpit) so I might be willing to part with it depending on how much of a hassle it would be to ship. Just curious have you thought about contacting TM to see if they would sell you one?
  6. Python a lot is due to personal preference just be sure to look up reviews on what ever headsets you're looking at. Amazon is usually a good place for decent opinions....
  7. Well it depends on how you play really. I play with a simpit on a projector, Additionally when I play games I sit in a chair with the keyboard on my lap. Having no wires in this situation is a huge bonus since my PC is 4+ ft away from me. Whenever I had to get out of the pit to check something I'd have to take the headset off, hang it up and try to not trip over the wires. More or less it was hardwired to my pit in a sense. As for charging the G940 uses a connector thats the same as an old Motorola Razor phone, I have an old wall adapter that I plug into in the rare occasions that I run the battery low. Usually I'll just charge it at night after long play sessions. My set gets 5-6 hours of life now, but was much more like 7-9 hours when new two years ago. In the rare case you have to replace the battery Logitech does sell replacements that aren't outrageously expensive (a buddy of mine had to replace his). Wireless are a great solution to certain situations and at least for the G940 are great sets, it all boils down to what your needs are and what works for you. If you do all your simming and gaming at a desk then you probably don't need one. But its great to get up go to the fridge, grab a beer and not miss the conversation on TS!
  8. I experienced the same thing as you Cibit, light on, no obvious problems. I came to the conclusion that the USB board went bad. The pots were fine when I connected them to my other controller. At least in my case the pedals were 4 years old or so with heavy use, even though it still pissed me off! Again with an old joystick or a Leo Bodnar board or similar you can get those things working good as new and have left over inputs for a panel or two.
  9. Hell I never tried that one, now I'm thinking of re-wiring the pots to the control board and trying it. Cibit, if that works for you please do post the results here. The advice I received when mine broke was just to try it in different ports, then again I also tried it on another PC and still had the same issue.
  10. Because of the fact I have a simpit and wanted a wireless (aka trip free solution) I bought a set of Logitech G940, coupled with a USB battery pack velcroed to the top I have a wireless solution even with a TrackIR pro clip attached. Its a great headset and sounds great, only complaint is that the leather is a little thin around the ear cups. My daughter managed to dig a nail through the cups and tear the leather on both sides no less (sigh... three year olds). EDIT: Another bonus of these is the fact that since their USB when I want to run sound through my surround sound speakers I can still run the VOIP comms through the headset separately. Or when I need to be quiet at night I run all sound through the headset.
  11. Get a Leo Bodnar board and re-wire the pots to inputs on it. You'll have 32 buttons left over for a nifty switch panel too. If you've never done anything like this fear not there are plenty of people around here to help you through the process and its not difficult. And best of all its a HELL OF A LOT cheaper than buying new pedals. Alternatively if you have an old USB stick lying around not being used you could take than apart and wire the pots to it as well. I had the same thing happen with my Saitek Pro Flight pedals and wired the pots to an old USB Logitech wingman, the end result is they work again but I lost the toe brake functionality due to the type of pots used in the wingman.
  12. Nice work on the pit and great woodworking skills!
  13. Funny you mention that, when I was looking at the PDF AHCP and Gear panel I was thinking it was a little small. The AHCP looked about right though. And none of this stuff has to be scaled 100% for me, I can live with close enough. Like Flim mentions, you can only be so accurate and given what I have is made to work/fit that statement has never been truer.
  14. Well I think my buddy can work with raw measurements too and can convert them to an autocad format. I'll start with ReactorOnes stuff and see what he can do. I'm not sure of the software my buddy uses but if he can get it into a useful format I'll repost the files here. I have an XKeys 128 input board sitting in the box (for well over two years) and want to put it to use. Thanks a bunch for the replies!
  15. Just wondering if anyone has made any and may be willing to share. I have a buddy that has free access to CNC machines and was thinking of asking him to cut some panels. I'd like to start with the landing gear and ACHP panels and go from there. Aside from that I was thinking I could turn this thread into a database of what's out there. Thanks, HHF
  16. Amazing work on the seat and pit! Keep it up!
  17. Even TrackIR takes getting used to and thats the best "out of the box" solution out there (only solution). The other methods take; as mentioned, a lot of adjustment to get right and feel comfortable. While TrackIR is a plug and play product with minimal adjustment needed (even though it usually stills needs to be fine tuned).
  18. Its messed up in the control settings in the DCS World options menu. I used to have the same issue when setting the pedals up the first time. What I recommend doing is clearing all the control settings for the pedal column then re-assigning manually, everything should be sorted out then. EDIT: I misread your second post and see that you already tried that. I recommend giving it another try though. Are you assigning the axis' manually from the drop down list or just selecting the axis in the control section and then pushing on your pedals? I usually do the latter method. Hope this helps, I know how frustrating it is to lose a control like that when you're used to it.
  19. Just blown away by the attention to detail, can't imagine the money invested in that thing. Outstanding work!
  20. Thats nice but I think its more a design issue than plastic issue. Granted my first TCP was busted by a two year old the second I just barely bumped. I'm careful with the things but damn are they fragile! I'd pay $50+ dollars for one that was made out of aluminum if the option was there.
  21. Well I know I've broken two of them myself, but the last one I was able to fix. Mine broke where the arm attaches the clip portion and I was able to sandwich it back together using some hot glue and a small nut. I'll try and take some pictures for people that had the same break. PS in my case at least one of the plastic tabs was still there so you can still rotate it. But I have to agree that these things are POSs and Natural Point should have come up with a new design thats more robust by now (Aluminum maybe...?).
  22. I think the fact that kids have access to something they might not otherwise get to experience would make up for it in the end. Nice work on the display though and I feel you on the time to sim, until the last month or so my pit had only been touched a handful of times in the last year. Even though it was right there in the corner of the room and only took 5mins to setup it just rarely happened. But the last few weeks of flying it really hit me on how much I missed simming all the time and the immense enjoyment I get from it. I always wanted to be a pilot (and still do) and right now this is the closest I can get to it, especially in the military sense!
  23. The plan is to still build something big, first set-back was the reality of having a baby, then it was time and money and now its because I don't have a job (for the last year actually). So I still have some of the main pieces for a full blown pit; front panel, side console frames and even a X-Keys 128 Input controller ready but it will have to wait. Good news is that I have a perfectly playable pit to work with and I rarely have to resort to the keyboard or mouse for flying....
  24. No, I don't, I built it on the fly. I used a fairly standard drill hole saw kit for cutting the gauges but I didn't take notes. It was built to fit a spare widescreen monitor I had but the monitor didn't work after getting the panel built. I received another slightly larger monitor and that's why the more recent pictures show the edge of the screens frame. One of these days I'm going to build a new front panel overlay that matches the monitor size but for now it works. In a nutshell though if you want to build something like this, none of the gauges or MFCDs have to be a particular size nor do you have to really worry about placement. HELIOS allows you to drag, drop and re-size everything to fit and the MFCD export process is just a trial and error game until you have them sized and placed in the right spot.
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