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DCS A10c ?

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That sounds like nonsense.


Right now there is no word on a release date.


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Any news on a release date I was told sometime next week by some guys on a server, is that nonsense?
Two weex be sure :D


No, now for serious. This week or next week (...or week after next) we can expect compatibility patch to connect DCS BS with LockOn FC 2 in multiplayer. A-10C I believe is still a long run to go. But I can't say for sure - I'm not ED Team member nor ED Testers Team member.

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So much for the "every 9 months" rubbish! :cry:


Tomorrow is the most wonderful word, especially if it written by Wags :smilewink:

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So much for the "every 9 months" rubbish!

I think FC2 is what broke up that schedule plan. However, it makes sense. With FC2, they've brought the aircraft of LOFC up into the DCS engine and with the multiplayer compatibility patch coming soon they'll have a multiplayer environment with BS plus the aircraft from LOFC2. Then they can move forward by adding high-fi aircraft (along the lines of BS). First A-10c, then something else. Seems like a reasonable roadmap to end up eventually with a DCS environment with all the aircraft modelled to the same level as BS.

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