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What's the real startup procedure ?


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Can somebody post the real startup procedure for the a10c ? Like a real pilot would do it ? Because the tutorial mission misses a lot of things and is not up to date as far as I know it.


I moved from the tutorial mission to the procedure in the manual but even there are things missing and different. It doesn't tell me when to arm EAC or the ejection seat. I know that I'm able to arm EAC after INS alignment and after choosing EGI but I want the real procedure.


In the tutorial mission you activate oxygen at the start after testing it, in the manual you activate it before taxiing. Tutorial mission says flaps 20° and manual says flaps 7° for takeoff.


Also there is a startup-checklist at the end of the manual and even the procedure there differs from the one starting at p.427. Checklist says to enable TGP before CICU and IFCC, startup from p.427 says to enable it after CICU and IFCC, for example.


Would be cool to hear something from a real A10c pilot. Because I don't think the army is telling their pilots "Hit the switches in any order you want, as long as it all works".


Another question:

I know that one should test the pitot heat, but how to tell if it is operating correctly ? How long should it be enabled before turning it off again ?



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Use Paul's check-lists:




He's a Hog crew-chief so they're as good as all the others - methodology might vary but they all get the job done at the end of the day. Paul also updates his regularly so you're good there.


As regards to the Pitot heat, turn it on and leave it on. You'll soon enough realise if you've forgotten to switch it on.

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Thanks very much, will take a look at that.

turn it on and leave it on. You'll soon enough realise if you've forgotten to switch it on.
The real A10 manual says to test it first before taxiing and to finally switch it on before takeoff. The tutorial instructor claims that pitot heat should not be activated too long when on the ground because there is a possibility of overheating.


greetz, Migo

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It will overheat if left on to long on the ground I've seen it happen.


For the test you are talking about the pitot heat is only on for less than 2 minutes. Long enough for us to run from the lift transducer to the AOA vain to the pitot tube to check the heat works.

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I'm no expert and have only flown virtually, but I bet for an experienced hog pilot it is much down to his own procedure depending on what of the systems he needs running, etc. Of course, the procedures are there keeping stress from making you forget something.


Does anyone have a video from a real A-10C startup? :) Or any real video of a pilot filming inside the cockpit in general.

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Nice plane on that gun...

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