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  1. At least make it so that the zoom axis can stop it.
  2. That sounds like a lot of hassle! Luckily, ED just said they're improving the VR interface in DCS, which probably means it'll be easier to setup and use in DCS. :)
  3. I think what he ment was that people are over-expecting things.
  4. I haven't played DCS for ages, mostly because I think nothing's really happening to the core gameplay. Sure, there have been many exciting aircraft to try out, but I am only flying them in the same dull gameplay environment as before. Exciting things that used to come regularly have stagnated and the excuse is EDGE. It's a good excuse, but until then, I have no joy in playing DCS.
  5. You don't have to uninstall. Just move the DCS folder and make a symbolic link to it. Copy the folder to where you want, then hit the Windows start menu, type "cmd", hit enter, then type the following. mklink /D "OldPath" "NewPath" (Swap with the old path and the new path, and keep the double quotes around it...) Now Windows, DCS updater, and everything else will think your DCS install is in the same place as it used to, but it's really on the SSD.
  6. I hope you guys have some other way to verify this, as a simple "screenshot" is easy to fake. I did NOT back this project, but to show you what I mean, I made the picture below in about 5 minutes. I admire your respect for the community, however, just be careful. Thank you. :-)
  7. The X52 is a great start. Of course, anyone owning the HOTAS Warthog would say it is better for DCS, but of course it is, it is also more expensive. The X52 is a great stick for most simmers. Also it has a twisting rudder, which saves you from buying rudder pedals until you decide to upgrade. (The TMHW has no twist rudder.) Sensors are not so bad on the X52, it's just that you can feel a big difference when upgrading to a higher end stick like the TMHW.
  8. Apparently, Studio Beczl has given Leatherneck Simulations, a brand new company, the permission to continue developing the product and release it. I would say that this, getting what you backed to start with, is a satisfactory resolution. What would you rather have, beczl sitting on the product not releasing, giving you refunds, or him letting someone else actually release the product. You're still getting what you backed. Lost
  9. Once I saw your awesome logo, the name fit, and I was calmed down considerably! :) What now? Leatherneck is unambiguously synonymous with US Marines? Lots of army squads call themselves "The Leathernecks", even in Norway. I'm sure there are Russians calling themselves leathernecks. It really is a generic name! I feel sorry that it had to come to this, but sometimes difficult decisions have to be made in a business. Initially I was sorry for beczl. It could seem he was ousted from his position, but I'm glad if he was the one making the decision to leave. Let us not forget that he is certainly a brilliant product developer and authentic modeller. He must love what he does, and I hope he is not afraid to continue making his brilliant add-ons and content for the community. Without both beczl and Novak this product would never have seen the light of day. I don't think us backers should be angry about what happened regarding IngieGoGo. The funds were certainly put to good use, and the product might not have come this far without it. Do not be angry about having supported what you believed in, because it got the project to where it is today. :) I wish all the best to new the team! (Or rather, same team, but with a new name!) Lost
  10. Leatherneck Simulations...terrible name! Lol!
  11. ED have probably streamlined a bit how 3rd party addons are interfacing with the rest of the game. Good news for me! :)
  12. I had exactly the same problem as you, and I solve it with symbolic links. Move your installation, then: mklink /D oldpath newpath Cheers
  13. Didn't ED mention they were making an up-to-scratch cockpit for the T, or is it out yet?
  14. They will go back to after the meta update.
  15. It is an update to the updater. Kind of a meta-update.
  16. Great! This really boosted my morale after that horrible mistake beczl did last week.
  17. Surely EDGE features a planet and not merely a projected map?:huh:
  18. It's no such plane Su-25A. It's Su-25. I'd love to fly with others interested in rus air frames.
  19. The easiest solution is to buy a new keyboard. I'm a professional programmer, avid gamer, and I paid around £ 5 for my keyboard, and I probably replaced it about 5 times...
  20. I think he means if he can replace ground and building textures with green so that he can only see his aircraft on whatever he wishes. Like a green screen behind your aircraft.
  21. It's not working because I'm downloading at 12 MB/s. :)
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