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Why v1.2?


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My oppinion is:


-ED should fix ALL the Bugs in v1.1 first

-why another flyable aircraft, but why no AFM for all ALL player controlled aircrafts?

-why increase the system requirements, but no fix for slow down with gun straffing (a-10 p.a.)



summary: ED should at first fix or improve the things that are given with v1.1

then make something new!


Personally, I think that for me there is no need for a flyable helicopter then fix alll the problems in v1.1!!!!


P.S. Compare hardware costs betweeen russsia and germany :-)

because in germany not everything "is falling from the "Laster" (Ural, MAN, etc.) :-)






P.S.S: but don´t be angry, I´m your slave from Germany and i will buy all your products for sure ("auf jeden")


P.S.S.S. waiting for the realease of the patch!!!!!! want to have MP sessions without lags!!!!!


P.S.S.S.S. im a friend of yours, because you´r our "Brüders" ;-)

P.S.S.S.S.S. Lock On is the greatest FlySim I,ve ever player, esp. in multiplayer at all, but I think there are many problems that should be fixed as soon as possible!!!!







I love you all, guys from ED and the community!!!!

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so, working for AFM for one aircraft takes six month? but where is the reason for programming a completly new model when there only TWO models of NINE are equiped with AFM? I mean, it´s better to improve whats given (with v1.1) then start a complete new project. when you have no problems when flying through the smoke of my own gun impacts, you should be lucky. I play on an Athlon64 4000+ (Santiego Core, S 939) and 2x 7800GT SLI and 1 gig dual channel ram and I´ve still have this problem.

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Huhn, I completely agree with you. There are enough things in this sim that need attention without adding a new aircraft. But I don't think ED can release a bug fix version for sale without the community raising all kinds of hell. If you've noticed, ED does nothing quickly. So they can't spend the two years or so it would take them to fix these problems and add AFM for all flyables and not get paid for it. They also seem to be resigned to leaving some bugs in the sim because they say they are too deep in the code to fix. At this point it seems they are more interested in LOMAC II, whatever it will be called.


Personally, I would pay for a good patch that fixed the framekillers, the F-15's navigation, the moronic AI, etc. A helicopter will be an interesting toy, but it won't be the reason I get 1.2. Just as the Su-25T wasn't the reason I got 1.1.

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ED should fix ALL the Bugs in v1.1 first


Stay on the ground, my friend ;)

Surely we wish "our" piece of software without bugs and it is very disappointing to encounter a bug during the game.

Let me tell you as a programmer: the fact is: software in general, especially such a complex product like lock on, cannot be error free by definition.

Even if they would try to fix ALL BUGS, you would not get it in a hundred years.


So we should stay realistic and ask for corrections of serious bugs.

(I know: what does serious mean...).

But I think the idea is clear.


And I agree with you: AFM for the existing planes is my personal no. 1 priority (as I stated several times).


Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog :: Saitek Rudder :: Track IR5 ::

EVGA 3 GB GTX580 :: AMD FX-8120 :: SSD 240 GB :: Win7 Ultimate 64

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Man I hope they fix the F-15's nav bugs. Flying *from* the course on AP, DME window reports incorrect distance, the F-15 will bank and yank intercepting the localizer in AP...so bad that I click it off and manually have to lead the turn...whew, you don't do 90 breaks with a 30 degree decent when your dirty less than 200knots and on final! There is also no "departures" in the physics. The aircraft will spin, but there is no "falling leaf" departure from controlled flight. These are some of the things I have noticed. I'm not slamming, or criticizing, becasue i undersatand these simulators are very complex, and programming one takes a long long time. We just have to report what we see to help them identify potential issues, and give them time. I'm sure they are as gung ho about the sim as we are. I bet these folks really love what they do. It shows in what they have done already. :)


IIRC, the F-15 has no 'falling leaf' OOC modes, only two spin OOC modes anyway.


Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump :D

I used to play flight sims like you, but then I took a slammer to the knee - Yoda

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