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LOMAC: Where to Get?

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So as pretty much every version of LOMAC > v1.00 needs v1.00, I was wondering where to buy it digitally.


The links on the LOMAC page (http://lockon.co.uk/modern_air_combat/?PAGEN_2=3#583) are at best stale or a rip-off:

SimWare Simulations = $20 (not DL)

Amazon = $5-$10 (not DL)

FlightSim Central = dead link

UbiSoft = no longer carries

GameStop = no longer carries

CompUSA = no longer carries

Circuit City = no longer carries

J&R Music = no longer carries

Target = no longer carries

Fry's = no longer carries

GoGamer = dead link

virtualsense = WTF?


So, first off, fix your links. Second, please make a digital version of the original LOMAC available and/or easy to find. As UbiSoft used to sell it for $5, I suggest that's what it should be now...at most.


Please DO NOT post "Why don't you just get LOMAC Platinum?". Sorry but spending a total of $70 to fly F15s in DSC:world is, to put it mildly, a rip-off. $45 is bad enough and that's not even raising the obvious question of question of "Why, if World is the future of DCS, am I required to find, purchase and install 9 year old software PLUS the brand new $40 version?" This is a step forwards?


PS: I went to http://www.fighter-collection.com/Simshop.htmlhttp:// to see the price for the Platinum version and gave-up trying to find it...sigh...why is this so hard?


EDIT: Just realized that in the "Lock On Forum", there is a sub-forum for previous versions...more confusion...Mods, move this if you like I guess...

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Offering LOMAC for digital download is not up to TFC or ED. It's Ubisoft property and they decide, sadly. It is available for digital download from Ubisoft in the United States, not sure if this also applies to Canada.


The requirement of having LOMAC for FC is, likewise, a contractual obligation to Ubisoft, nothing ED can do.


EDIT: I would offer a direct link to the digital download for LOMAC on UbiSoft, but since I am not in north america it will not show for me when I go to their site.

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EDIT: I would offer a direct link to the digital download for LOMAC on UbiSoft, but since I am not in north america it will not show for me when I go to their site.


Here is the UBI link




Or you can use the post above...*sniped*

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Thanks for the explanation of the ownership issues...sad really.


Also thanks for the USA links to UbiSoft but as I am in Canada, they don't work...I just get redirected. But somehow I managed to find it on the site. I swear it wasn't there before!




Either way, the links here at the DCS store need updating...

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