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"Another Updater Instance is Running" error


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Has anyone come across this issue yet?

I cannot start DCS World because of this error message.

I check my applications running list and I do not see this in the list.

The Multiplayer seems to start fine but not the single player sim.

Any ideas?




"Another Updater Instance is Running" error message.





00000.000 INFO : === MiniLog opened UTC 2012-10-15 00:20:58

00001.000 ERROR : Caught an exception: Another updater instance is running.

00025.022 INFO : === MiniLog closed.

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I bumped into this problem too, as my computer crashed during update.


I found that the DCS World will not start if "autoupdate.lock" exists in your saved games directory.


For me, the path was:


C:\Users\John\Saved Games\DCS


I removed both autupdate.lock and autoupdate.cache.


After this, DCS World will start again.

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I can't start DCS using my usual desktop icon since the last patch ??


I have looked in Saved Games but could only find autoupdate.cache which I removed but autupdate.lock wasn't there ?



Intel i7-7700K @ 4.60GHz | 32 GB Ram | Win 10 Pro 64 | GTX 1080i 11.00MB | Saitek X52 Pro

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Hmm... despite doing the suggestion above, removing both files, I still get the error message.


Oh, well, so no tank hunting this weekend with the newly purchased A-10C module...




Any ideas very welcome!



This here solved the issue:



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Solution found!


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