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Mission Editor map


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Would like to have an option to set the map view while setting up a mission and that option is to set the map in Sat mode.. so you can see exactly where you are putting the unit..:music_whistling:






Makes for easier mission editing..:music_whistling:

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I'm sort of in line with that- moreso I'd like to be able to place the unit with a "3D world viewer" so that I know where the units are being placed in the DCS World environment. Placing vehicles in defilade, near structures... treelines... natural camouflage.


As it is right now you have to go in and out of the mission every time you place a unit.


Just adding to your idea :)


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In the new engine yes. But I believe it is not easy to do in the current one...

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This can't happen until the Mission editor is reintegrated in to DCS.exe - ala Lock On 1. I believe there is a long term goal to do this at some point. When, who knows.


The reason the 2 were separated was to make more room in 32bit memory address space for terrain. This will no longer apply when DCS goes exclusively 64bit. So that also has to come first.



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