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  1. HI Guys, Here is a new Discord link to our coms, https://discord.gg/H9b9S4CkuG Come say hi and a fly. Cheers guys O_Smiladon
  2. Also. Tonight around 8 pm NZ time. Will be hosting a test map of TF-51 pylon racing in Vegas !! Yes, Vegas. come along for a bit of fun. When you see OW server on the list come on in for some fun. Regards O_Smiladon
  3. Hi Guys. I have set up a Discord (Oceanic Wing Southern ) address is: https://discord.gg/qMkKz please come on and say hi. I am on there most nights but if not just keep popping in till ya see me or one of the guys we are a friendly bunch and will help you out if you are getting stuck on something. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks, guys Keep it level O_Smiladon
  4. Hi Guys, The oceanic wing is back like Phoenix rising from the Ashes.. Looking to get the O,s back up in the air. Kiwi / Aussie squad and anyone else who is happy with our time zone,s. Relaxed people who enjoy a beer and a laugh and a bit of banter between ourselves. To fly together and Form up and when needed kick ass in the air. Depending on numbers would look at setting back up a website and own TS channel but at the mo will most likely be a Discord coms scenario. If anyone interested feel free to PM me and we can go from there Regards Steve aka O_Smiladon
  5. Why ?? Good day all, Anyone know why i am getting... F15c and SU27 serial number requests when I have FC3 ?? Just a tad confused. Thanks All O_Smiladon
  6. Thanks mate that did the trick O_Smiladon
  7. Hey Guys, My Trackir is not working with the A4 mod??? Any Ideas ? Regards O_Smiladon
  8. Hi Guys, Had to do a clean sweep of my PC and fresh install of DCS. That was all good but wen I went to play Normandy map and fly mt spit only maps that would come up is the Caucuses map. I have key codes for all the maps available and none except Caucuses came up to fly on. I can fly them in create quick mission and such but nothing in multiplayer ??? Any ideas would be great thanks O_Smiladon :pilotfly:
  9. S! You have made this kiwi very happy thanks soooo much
  10. Yep same issue for me.. X55 not working in game. but yet when i go to the controls it shows up fine and works ok in that control settings ??? Hope that gets fixed in the hotfix patch. O_Smildon
  11. Yep that was it . Thanks guys O_Smialdon
  12. Hi Guys, Is it just me?? i go to out side view and things look a little fuzzie or blury ? Is there a setting that i am not hit or unticked ? just dont get a nice sharp picture when looking of in to the distance. Cheers guys O_Smiladon
  13. Awesome. Thanks mate O_Smiladon
  14. Good day all, Can the mission editor allocate points to objects? You know hit that building get 100 points , blow up that truck 50 , tank 20 and so on ? Thanks guys O_Smiladon
  15. Yes it is..But not for the guys who pre-ordered.. I see it and it asks for money.. which i gave when i pre ordered Nevada so for me its not available yet
  16. Hi Guys. With the big DL less tan 72hrs way. Will our input file be transferable to the new D/L of 2?? And how big do you think it will be, 50 gig?? :book: O_Smiladon
  17. Yep Sorted mate, Thanks very much.. O_Smiladon
  18. Hi BigNew, Man you are a busy guy .. And thanks for all your help on everything that you do for people that need help. When you say rename that saved games folder, is that the one in : users/computername/ saved games ? Yes I am running a ground texture mod, but my labels above switches were blurry before i used that mod. So I dont think that is the cause of the issue. My specs are.. i7 930 2.8 16 GB Ram Win 7 64 bit gtx 660 little old now but still runs things ok for its age. You can see by screenshots what it is like for me. 1 is A10c 2 is P51D 3 is Huey Thanks again for your help. Regards O_Smiladon
  19. Hi All, Has any of you fine gentleman out there got an issue with the labeling of cretin switches/buttons in DCS that have become all blurry ? This started fro me on the first DL of 1.5.1 did not say anything thinking it would come right after a few patches. But its still there for me. Will post a screen shot if need be. Regards O_Smiladon
  20. 1035 MB downloaded. 20 peers, 0.0 KB/s up, 0.0 KB/s down It has taken me over 24 hrs just to get that far.. So now I will have to kill it and start again??? another 24hrs?? or will you open it back up soon. What do the guys do that were 1/2 through that pain when you disabled the torrennt? Please advice. Thanks O_Smiladon
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