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  1. Firstly, Jester doesn't know how to use Next Launch. Secondly, Next launch, even if available to jester, almost definitely _shouldn't work like that_ for a couple of technical reasons pertaining how the radar sends information to the missile.
  2. AB seems to be drawing soley from the FWD tank and not the AFT, it's been reported. In the mean time you can make the fuel system draw only from the aft tank.
  3. For the F-14 specifically there is currently a bug where the AI is not treating the LANTIRN as a targeting pod, which means it isn't guiding laser weapons and isn't being used to spot targets. This has been reported to ED and HB
  4. How would he know no bomb came off? The jet doesn't know, the model of AWG-15 we have only knows what stations are selected. The pod doesn't know, it can't talk to the SMS in any substantive way. The only way I can think of would be tactile feedback from the bombs leaving the jet, which jester can't feel, because he's a Lua script. The pod displays a bomb timer, Jester is going to read the bomb timer.
  5. Last I heard, negotiations have broken down over the number of burbles present. HB opened with 1-3 Burbles, but ED insisted on no less than 6.
  6. Remove the ROE -> FREE option from the initial waypoint. Some combination of spawning at 55,000 feet, Mach 2.4, and immediately transitioning to engaging an enemy target is causing the AI to do a stupid.
  7. What delivery mode were you in? CMPTR TGT will inhibit a bomb release until its release conditions are met, which are completely separate from the LANTIRN. CMPTR Pilot and Man shouldn't do this, and are recommended for use with the LANTIRN. The LANTIRN doesn't actually know if anything fell off the jet or not, it displays the fall / laser timer anytime you press the pickle button with a designation, and jester is essentially just repeating the info on the LANTIRN screen.
  8. The missile has the kinematics to comfortably make it 20 miles from a medium/high altitude shot, you can stretch that out to around 30 if you're very optimistic, but battery life becomes the limiting factor. Inside of that targets can ignore it, defend against it, or try and out shoot it. In case one they're likely to die. In case two initiative stays with whoever shot first, which means you have an advantage on your subsequent shots. In case three, you get to do some of that pilot <profanity> and things stay fun. I generally don't worry about AMRAAMS as I usually don't pick shooting fights with jets belonging to my own country, but that's just me. In any case it's a Tomcat. I don't need to force a SARH vs ARH match up if I don't want to, I have the speed and gas to decline the fight if I feel like it.
  9. As long as you get your commence time, all further communication is optional, or at least that’s what my Buddy who’s gone through CQ has said.
  10. If the ACLS is implementation is reliant upon the ATC call cadence, how is zip lip going to work?
  11. Those switches are spring loaded to return to off when the autopilot is disengaged. If you want to turn off the autopilot, you’re going to have to reset them.
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