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  1. My suggestion would be to start with the F-16. It was MUCH easier to learn and to use in BVR. But, it doesn't have all the AG ordinance like the Hornet. My first purchased plane in DCS was the SU-33, simple to learn, low cost. But doesn't use Fox3 AA missiles, so really hard to win in BVR. But it does land on carriers. If you buy the FC3 package, the J-11 does carry a Fox3 AA missile. Plus you get the F-15. ALL FC3 are the simple flight model, so not super realistic compared to F-16/18.
  2. If you're trying to learn the F-18 after already flying the F-16, then this is a summary of the startup, pre-BVR and simple BVR procedures and differences. I tried to condense about 6 hours of learning down to about 25 minutes. It focuses on the F-18 quirks that really frustrated me at first. I'm not an F-18 expert, but do have about 1 year in the F-16. VIdeo is long, so only available on my Youtube channel here I'm NOT a video expert/creator/etc, it's my first video post ever - so don't expect flashy this and that and slick audio, video, etc.. Thx
  3. The MIg-29 is the least stable plane vs 27 and 33. Hard to takeoff/land vs the other 2. The 33 can carry 2 more munitions vs 27. The 33 climbs better, higher than 27 im my opinion. Likely due to the canard (extra front wing/horizontal surface).
  4. Also, when saving .diff.lua joystick/hotas settings, I now get an "extra" .diff.lua added to the end of the file name. Brand new DCS install, new Win10 install.
  5. I just built a new system for DCS. Runs in a room that gets warm in the summer, so power draw drove lots of decisions. AMD 5600x 65W TDP (CPU boost ON, so up to 4.4GHz as needed) 3070 FTW 220W TDP max, undervolting now by 120mV (lost 3 fps) B550 Tomahawk EVGA 750W Platinum, Eco (not using Eco/fan off at low draw, mode) M.2 Samsung 2x16GB 3200 RAM CL16 Auss AIO Strix II 240mm (already had Asus P278 27" monitor, 2560x1444 60hz) Corsair 4000d AIRFLOW case (love this case) - added 3rd case fan (2 front, 1 rear) ---------- Single player mission, 4000' over Caucus city, F-16 , nothing else on map 117fps w/undervolt, 56C GPU, 45C CPU medium speed on fans
  6. NEVER by a motherboard from Newegg, ever, never ever ever:
  7. Disclaimer: my system is THE slowest ever, even at 1280x768 (10fps in heavy MP): I play a lot of MP, and with the latest update and Apache intro, I see 2 things: 1- When I view an Apache in F2 in MP, the ground/dirt/land takes 2-4 seconds to load. This does not happen with any other aircraft when I view F2 in MP. 2- When MP servers spawn a new ground assault, I get a total image freeze for a few seconds. Sound keeps going, and when my image un-freezes I'm at the current time (so my plane flies blindly for a few seconds). Never happened before the latest update. Good news for me:: I just got the parts for my new 5600x, 3070 system build!
  8. Same for me in FC3 planes. But in F-16 analog mini stick TDC works great. For FC3 on TDC I use alternate mappings to keyboard, still kind of coarse but better than analog (even with curve set to 40). VKB Gladiator Pro.
  9. This is REAL pain when trying to launch 4 HARMS while in about a 30 degree climb, using HAD. No time to trim, try to re-lock HAD target while its moving sidways - due to roll/yaw after a HARM is released. If you don't fire the HARMs fast enough, then they all get shot down.
  10. I thought HAD on MFD shows all radars (?).
  11. For me the question is - Is this realistic to the performance of a real F-16? Even if it IS realistic, if it's so dramatically better than all other ED jets, it will ruin the game making it a one jet game. And yes pulling 9gs for any amount of time will cause you to black out. That's why if you let go of a real F-16 stick (or throttle?) the plane will start to fly level after a certain amount of time. At 5gs I start to get tunnel vision without a g-suit.
  12. I'm seeing this in MP (GS). Almost always when I'm at angels 30-40k and hot target is below angels 15k. I see the target on FCR at 40nm, then 30nm, then under 20nm and no lock possible (TMS right, up, reset down, radar on/off, etc.) . Maybe the radar is programmed to be confused by ground reflections (I think the F14 has this behavior, but I'm not sure)? Maybe the FCR vertical scan is not right, coordinated with FCR, or below virtual gimbal limits, or ???
  13. My PC has problems with DCS and Windows Update. Whenever a update is pending, with a #1 showing or the yellow triangle, my system really slows down/stutters. Performing the update, or canceling it, restores my DCS fps.
  14. I don't dogfight/ACM (can't see more than 1nm at 1280x768 anyway), I don't look outside of the pit a lot, and I usually fly at least 10k AGL (down low, 100 pre load radius creates trees "on the fly" in front of me at low altitude). So landings and takeoffs are my only real challenge, due to lag/over compensation. For my new rig I'm just hoping I can get a 3070 at $1100 (or less)... which is really sad. The pre-built rigs I've seen all cut corners somewhere, or are way over priced vs a build it yourself.
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