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  1. What a cool thread to have stumbled across. Obviously a long time simmer whom the bug has never left
  2. Thanks speed Without being near the computer to take a screenshot I was a bit lost for words to describe it! Great, I will remove and run a mission, if cleared up hopefully it will remain that way if I reapply them. Thx.
  3. I am sure that while reading about the mods etc that I read the potential of an issue I now have, except now I have the issue I can't find it I was having some performance issues so I used skatezillas app to bring dcs openbeta to default. I deleted files in the metashaders and fxo. I installed the dcs shaders mod for vr with the version and added the shadows reduced fram rate impact.zip. Ran DCS and everything was smooth again, good times Then whenever I went to something that was dark, the outside was completely weird, bright and the ka50 was missing a lot of its textures so the cockpit was just a bright untextured model. I am sure I read about this but would appreciate if someone could remind me of the cause. Thanks!
  4. I was in the same boat so far as I was in a tight seat, and sometimes found it hard to look around and stay in a good position to do things on some panels. For the hard to reach things I made some snap views , e.g. one that would position me to the left and farther back so I was just looking down at the comms.
  5. That computer will get you about as good as you can hope for with DCS and VR. I have the same and just settle for 45 all the time and its great when it is at 45. It is not a lot of mucking about to get it going, perhaps a few hours, maybe a bit more as you have never used VR or the tools before but if you read up ahead of time it should be pretty easy to see what you need to do. The investment in time to get it set up is fraction of the time spent learning a module in DCS. Once done, at least for me with the G2 its a matter of clicking on the DCS icon and thats it, the rest loads in the background.
  6. I currently have my stick mount as in the picture. Because I use the rig for racing I just add the stick when I need it, I prefer center mounted and I used to use an extension but how it is set up now an extension is out of the question. I want to upgrade and wondered if the VIRPIL would let me do as (bad photoshop) pictured as it is the only way I could add an extension on my current rig. Otherwise I can continue with my current mounting which works fine, just no extension can be used like this. Though the warbird would be the better size base to go there between my legs. So instead of base mounted on the piece of aluminium that lets it sit between my legs I was thinking I could put a VIRPIL base forward and lower. This would require an extension that would offset the stick possibly up to 250mm behind the base. I have seen the offset extensions but noe that look like they move the stick back that far. Can anyone tell me how feasable this would be, are the springs and cam profiles enough to keep it centered when mounted that far back? Thx for any help.
  7. Hi Mark, in the pic from the first post it looks like you are trying to output not to the realtek on board audio but the realtek usb2 audio that looks a lot like the one with the reverb G2. I think the software is pointing to the wrong audio device and you wont even know because you are using headphones not the built in audio
  8. Starting at around $600usd for 3d printed parts or $350 for two buttons and a couple switches. You buy those, I like the look of the VIRPIL. It's a funny argument to be having when we don't know the price.. If the price of the collective bas is the same as the more expensive mogoose stick base and the grip is the same as one of their other grips then its about the same price as the komodo. The quality of the VIRPIL grips makes it kind of a no brainer. Hey, I am just guessing like you.
  9. It's this kind of thing that makes me thing my trusty warthogs days are numbered for helos
  10. If it was me, I would go for the G2 and run it at half resolution mode until you have more horsepower to run it at full. You probably already saw this through the lens comparison and while it doesnt really show you what it is like it gives you an idea relatively. Hard to tell through a camera but backed up with him saying it looks better through the lens I am betting it is. The rift S doesnt look as bad looking through as the camera so the camera is making it look worse, that also means thae G2 at half res will also look better... With a baked in upgrade when you can take advantage of it. The other reason is that proper IPD adjustment is important if you need it. You may never know if you need it until you have a headset that has it. The rift S is not usable for me for very long because of the fixed IPD. The quest is adjustable with the lenses but once again, if you dont fall within it's adjustment zone it wont be ideal and you can lose some FOV depending where your IPD lies. As far as oculus, I owned three of their headsets but wont give them anymore $$ at all. What doesnt work for me may work for you though :)
  11. My local shop told me their G2's will be there on monday... I hope it doesnt take long to get the email for pickup.
  12. You can build one yourself or you can buy them as kits, i.e. all the parts and you just assemble them. I have a simlabs p1 and locally I bought some extra profile to use for other bits and pieces I wanted to attach, like the throttle , stick. Here are some of those and when you look at their site you can see some of the other addons you can get for it https://sim-lab.eu/shop/category/cockpits-3 trakracer in the states has some options https://www.trakracer.com/product-category/tr160-cockpit/ https://www.trakracer.com/product-category/tr80-cockpit/ You could look at say the manual for simlabs and get the dimensions and order direct from 8020 if that is a lot cheaper. I think a lot of people in the us prefer motedis to get their profile. They even have a kitset on their site as well https://www.motedis-usa.com/shop/Sim-Racing:::999991169.html I dont like it though and would just clone the simlabs one.
  13. I use an 8020 pit and very happy with it. So easy to add things/remove things and move them about. Last post on my thread shows how I currently move from racing to flying etc with a video https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4469207&postcount=128
  14. As long as the 3080 performs better I dont care that it has 1gb less than my current card. I guess we will just have to wait and see but I am guessing that with less ram, it will still perform better. Possibly even better still with more ram but better is better.
  15. I have been using my index with the lenses all the way out in preparation for the G2 so I dont get such a shock with the smaller fov :) One thing I do notice is how much smaller the the clear area is when the lenses are out and how much better the image is from edge to edge with the lenses in on the index. Even though the g2 has a smaller fov, I certainly hope the lenses are reasonably close to be looking through the good part of the lens for a greater part of thta fov.
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