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  1. Awesome. That was it, thanks. That would have taken a while to figure out.
  2. I wanted to fly the Apache after a week or two of a break, went through the cold start, accelerated to crusing speed hit trim and let go as usual (center trim). Except this time the Apache imediately started to pitch up a lot. I was going somewhere between 90 and 110 kts. I checked bindings, all fine. Exited and launched the IA mission hot start on runway Caucasus. It's the same. The control indicators UI Overlay shows the trim get's registered. It seems it's simply not acted upon by the helo. The second mission is where the track is from. AH64 Trim bugged.trk
  3. this is the guide I used to set it up. There is also an extension called performance toolkit that gives you control of it from within VR. It's linked at the end of the first post in this thread. I'm not sure what actually works in it, since it seems to be in rather early developement. But I think in this version FFR and FSR do work. I have a RTX3080 Ryzen 7 3700x and 64GB RAM. And as I said, with the same ingame settings I can leave everything else that boosts performance off and get well playable framerates in my tests so far. I have yet to test in really demanding missions to tweek settings, but I won't go back. That's for sure.
  4. I have a G2 as well and recently played around with openXR to cut out steamVR. And I must say that's a difference like night and day for me. I had the VRPerfkit running with FFR and resolution at 60% in steamVR. I get the same or more FPS now with openXR at full native resolution and without FFR. DCS settings stayed the same. And that annoying flickering on the loading screen is mostly gone (Don't know if that's a general problem). I have quite a beefy computer, so your mileage may vary, but it's definitley worth a look imo
  5. The only one for which I would say I regret it - sort of - is the Gazelle. That has nothing at all to do with the Apache tho. I somewhat knew what it was like and that it wasn't really for me and still bought it. Lack of skill in making purchase decisions I guess. It's a fun twitchy chopper, but really not for me. For the others, KA50, Hind, Huey no regret whatsoever. Looking forward to the dorgunners in the Hind. It's a beast as it is, and very different to the Apache and Shark, but dorgunners will make it even better. Don't have the Hip yet, and don't think I'll get it.
  6. That's funny, I took it out today for the first time since the latest update and got this picture in "Through the inferno" SP caucasus. Can't remember the last time the Hornet radar saw something that far out, let alone soft lock it no problem.
  7. In the AH-64D Mini-Updates thread are transcripts for, what seems to be, all tutorials Wags made so far. That's probably a good source if one wanted to make a list.
  8. I have no problems reading the ddi. Sand that is with a G2 and stream vr resolution at 60%. What Is your setting of "Res. Cockpit displays"? I've set it to 1024 each Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. I wonder how much being able to use the HMCS of the hornet on one eye is an indicator. I struggled with it at first because I couldn't focus on it properly, but that's no problem now. How different to that is the Apache monocle? Except for it being more important than on the hornet Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. Sounds like an interesting concept, but I don't think this is practical for the vast majority of people. Even if you can run it on an older slower machine, I doubt the majority of players is willing to, or has the hardware lying around to setup a second machine. It also adds additional complexity software wise, because it's additional code to maintain for what is most likely marginal gains once multicore is released. Or do you mean the physics calculations for the AI? That could really give a performance boost if not all calculations are offloaded. But I still think it's not practical for most people.
  11. I stand to be corrected, but isn't mulithread and multicore two totally different technologies, that somewhat are meant to achieve the same goal? The way I always understood it was, multithreading is running multiple processes or parts of a single process on the same core at the same time. Multicore is taking advantage of a second or more cores. Both aim to achieve simultanious execution of different code. One through clever timing and use of cpu cycles (Multithread) one through actually executing the code at the same time (Multicore). Multithreading has been around for ages. Don't know how long exactly, but I think it should be long enough for the first engine of DCS to take advantage of it.
  12. While I get where you're coming from, and I myself also am eager for every uppdate I can get my hands on, I think there is no such update needed yet. The Apache is due to release in less than two months, and this sort of list imo makes more sense as a quarterly update. And in that sense there are other modules I'd rather see such an update for :). If the Apache is postponed again however another list is definitley needed.
  13. DCS uses a ton of RAM, but saying it loads the full map into it makes no sense at all. Was flying over Syria yesterday withoug pagefile being used and DCS consuming a little over 11GB. IIRC Syria is more than 20GB. I had 11GB of available RAM left. Sure it was a simple mission. This is just to say that DCS doesn't load all of the map into RAM. And there is no reason to do it as well.
  14. So what you're saying is you don't expect much of a performance increase, but you expect a performance increase . Jokes aside, I think you're right. My uneducated guess is, I expect Multicore/Vulcan to increase performance in terms of fps by < 30%. Which in VR especially can be the difference between pleasantly playable and motion sickness. My big hope is that it enables larger scale missions and better AI because physics calcualtions can be spread out as well as pathfinding and decision making.
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