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  1. I also want to thank the SoW Team for their great work, the many hours of fun and challenge I had on their server, the great community on the SoW Discord. I was so lucky to stumble across SoW when I started with DCS. I learned so much flying on the server. I'm very sad that the server shut down and I really don't know where to go now to have a similar experience.
  2. Yes, I had the same Problem. Later I often forgot to use the flip cover and was flying some time with gear down
  3. I´m not quite sure if the video shows someone who intentionally killed himself to "steal" your "well deserved kill" which you could "easyly claim if you contacted the server admins". It could just be some unexperienced 109 pilot who dived to fast and couldn´t recover from the dive because the 109 gets unresponsive if you are too fast. Maybe you should not care so much about about the statsistics. You obviously got a maneuver kill, no matter if it is written down in some database. Good job!
  4. Use the comms menu "rearm an refuel" once you are in your plane.
  5. Flaps lever works fine for me. I assigned the Flaps axis of the Bf 109 in the DCS options. For the FW190 which has 3 flaps positions I used the "axis to button" option in the virpil software: Lever Forward, lever middle, lever back The rotary zoom wheel is recognized as two buttons in DCS (Forward and back). You cannot assign It to an axis in DCS, but only assign the "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" to the scroll wheel in the DCS options. Or maybe try "Zoom in/out slow". I think there is a button to axis option in the Virpil Software which assign an axis to the turning of the wheel which is then recognized AS axis in the DCS options. But I never tried that myself. Search youtube for tutorials how to use the Virpil Software. Hope that Information is useful to you.
  6. I found this overview helpful: List of weapons of military aircraft of Germany during World War II - Wikipedia
  7. It´s called "Bomb emergency release". Default keybind is LCtrl +R.
  8. I don´t know how to do that in the Virpil software, but I set the deadzone in the DCS options via "axis tune".
  9. Oh, I didn´t Know that. But the 109K4 doesn´t have underwing cannons, right? So that switch is useless?
  10. You could check the circuit breakers. Press all but "Kennlichter"(Position lights) There is a second switch to activate the Cannon. (below the MW50 switch, right = on) You need to charge the cannon with a button on the stick (the one on the low left) Press and hold that button and you hear a sound which stops when cannon is charged. This is all I can think of. Hope it helps.
  11. Check out the russian virpil forum! There are pictures with dimensions etc. of every piece of virpil hardware: https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/650-размеры-и-компоновка-устройств-virpil-controls/
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