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  1. Surely it would work in the best interests of the game, if people just made their own missions, and competed to get the players? Storm was great, and It had the monopoly. I think if people just gave Warbirds the time and created new Multiplayer content right now, they'd be suprised at how many players they might be able to bring in right this moment. Especially since the new WW2, 4ya servers are struggling to gain back the player base..
  2. Here is a Russian Documentary that has been translated into English. Briefly, Its a 2 part Documentary that goes into great detail about the way in which the Mi24 was operated in the 80's during the Afghan war. Lets hope this puts the argument to rest once and for all.. Here is where it tells us how the Mi24 was equipped for the War..
  3. Standard game, no mods at all
  4. Latest, With a Quest Headset (VR) Track of this clip NVG.trk Many thanks.
  5. Any Chance of having the Petrovich Cursor 'Not a light source' when using NVG's.. It makes perfect sense for the sight/aiming reticle in the HUD to be conflicted with NVG's, But trying to do 'Hunter Killer' type missions at night is made much more difficult because the floating reticle to which you tell Petrovich' aim here, is way too bright in NVG's.. Its 'doable' but my goodness its frustrating..
  6. So, when target hunting- I take it this doesnt have NVG's, so how would you normally go about finding targets? Do you have to use the Illumination Bomb? Your second sentence is the insight im looking for, but If you had to set 4 waypoints at night, how would you navigate to them?
  7. So im still loving this module, having a blast just rolling through the landscapes and skimming the ground. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for Night Flying? And how people Navigate waypoints when flying Solo?
  8. Well, I fly with a number of guys.. Some of which have multiple forum user accounts because they feel they cant talk their mind through one. So they act nice and humble with their main account. Then in their other, they try to speak their mind. I suppose its about how you feel towards others. And how you feel about being looked upon by others. I dont think it matters what game you play, it matters how you enjoy it, and how much fun you have from it. Its just a game.
  9. Dont get me wrong, before 2.7 I LOVED this module online, nothing like doing the day job with a bit of CTLD and dropping tanks and taking over an airbase on the forward line, but since 2.7 I cant even get the Tanks to follow more than one waypoint. Id love to have this module cared for, and have a game, where we dont need outside scripting like CTLD. Inter-Module intergration is what we should of had before the Apache or Hind was ever brought forward. Then we'd have the foundation in place, to add a great attack copter. Now we have a (hopefully) great attack copter, and CA- and what it is now.. Which is.. in disrepair?
  10. Op is having trouble, instead of actually helping him, youve condescended him with 'youve never actually used it'.. Ive turned around and validated that 'yes, there is an issue..' Ive used it, and despite making many a mission, I struggle to make it work in a fun and intuitive way- efficiently, as you can a mission for an air module. Ive had it a VERY long time and ive spent enough time into it, to realise it doesnt work well enough. Either the units track through a building, drop from a bridge, or you have to aim improperly as shown in the video ive posted above, where Cap aims at the tank, and then the Guy giving the advice, says 'No, you have to aim at the bottom of the reticle, if you aim at the tank, it wont actually hit'.. This is what im talking about. Who in the right mind would actively know that you cant aim directly at the tank if you want to hit it? Its more trouble than its worth. Now this is the important bit, No one with enough knowledge about the module wants to share what they know. You could have posted a video solving Op's issues, or given him instructions on how to resolve his problem, but you chose to belittle him.. What I know, is that the problems ive experienced with CA, means it isnt worth implementing into anything. 9/10 times the way i solve most of my issues, and If I want to prevent days of wasted time testing missions, the simplest of solutions is to plainly avoid using the module. An example is the Embark function which is so problematic, I just dont use it anymore. No body wants to sit and wait while troops that are supposed to embark, run around like headless chickens for nearly 15 minutes until they realise they have to 'just walk to the huey'.. Now i just use activate and deactivate group as it works more fluidly and more reliably. Then, theres the problems with the Asset Pack, should it work with CA in the same way actual non asset pack assets do? Because I cannot get it to.. The Editor isnt intuitive enough to actually create epic battles, I set up two squads of troops, set it up the same way i would any other mission (because why would it be any different).. One pathfinder regiment reaches hostiles in a village in Iraq, and then the hostiles call for back up, and the player has to defend the pathfinders. One single mission, took two of us, 3 weeks.. We can build a whole 8 mission Campaign in that time. The unimaginable problems we experienced from CA, and the way it implements into the game just made it unusable. AI, Never did what we wanted it to do, Firstly we wanted the player to drive the scouts into the village from the camp, the AI, WOULDNT do it. They just didnt want to drive through that village, so a trigger zone function, couldnt be used. So we had to keep the Squad stuck in one position, but they kept splitting up and driving around one house, doing nothing. So i had to have them react to nothing, but ROE weapon free. But this was even more problematic with each new enemy we introduced. Then we wanted the opposition to do a basic flank in two positions- Nope, they didnt want to walk through the village either, so then we had to literally have the enemy just be at the end of the road. Then there was the balance, because of problems again, the troops would only walk in ones, despite setting and trialling formations, they just wouldnt stay together and fight as a group, so then we had to go back and add near 40 individual groups, rather than a group of 40. Because the small group of pathfinders would just shoot all of the enemy as each of them walked forward in single file to get shot in the face. Then there was the tanks, the tanks either do what you ask, or act like they dont have a driving license based upon skill level. Set expert, and they do what you want, but kill everything first shot, they know exactly where the enemy are through buildings, and that meant setting the enemy to expert to so they'd follow there waypoints, and then ROE weapon hold so that they not destroy everything instantly, and then the battle takes 2 minutes, set them as novice, and they act like they know where they SHOULD go, but cant figure out how to steer and actually go there.. 3 weeks of trying, and me and my guy just looked at each other and said, this is DUMB'.. Here was the outcome- 3 weeks of work for a decent mission that had about 5 minutes of action.. Now, I would welcome some friendly insight into actually how to make the modules work in a way, where its fun and easy, but right now it just seems youre being unhelpful and would rather argue that ' Op is wrong- rather than just telling him how to make it work' For all of us..
  11. Well thats unfair, Everything he said has to do with CA, How is he confused? The bottom line is we all have this module, and no one really knows how to make it work effectively. All people do is reference the manual, and then once theyve read that, theyve other issues and bugs to contend with. Im an active mission maker, i can normally get my head around absolutely anything in the mission maker.. But every single one of the Missions ive made with CA (including a squad Campaign on the Syria map) just doesnt and wont make sense. While im very sure there will be a huge flame war to follow, id first like to hear from the people that can actually make this module work intuitively and easy. Because i cant.. And like @Zimmerdylan Ive given up trying too.. Heres a prime example, People asking, and no one really knowing how to answer.. I really even struggle to drive the damn tanks as their isnt really a guide to do so intuitively either. If i want a semi accurate and fun Tank Sim- i end up going onto another piece of software that rhymes with Smacklefield More'.. Heres a well known youtuber giving us a brief insight into how to use Combined Arms effectively.. (This is from the guys that taught me how to use the MAV' in 6 minutes- Notice how this is the first of two videos) The total guide is nearly 3 hours of media.. Heres the Playlist for anyone that wants the references to each individual vehicle..
  12. Thats what the people in the office might say. Although this is a marketing strategy my old firm used to use. They'd release a voucher for Services that seemed 'too good to be true'.. And then when the clients used to ring up, we used to say 'Oh its an error, but we'll honour the mistake'.. Its just an awful way of giving those that pre-purchase the middle finger.. Its been just over a month, and this is the thanks we get for pre- purchasing..
  13. Is this for real? A month after EA, and its in Sale at less than EA price?
  14. So the F10 map WILL show you waypoints IF you have a wingman. If you're flying solo, it doesn't show you the waypoints. You'd have to look at the map on your knee pad.
  15. I mean, it's not really.. It's a modern vehicle in a ww2 setting. It would be brilliant if they just added the same lighting effect to a vehicle (or vehicles) from the asset pack. But then, what do I know?
  16. Depends what map, but you can make them up where ever you want them with the FARP tools.. They dont take long and once youve made one, youll realise you can make them for anything, even Warbirds.. You can make them huge, or just a tiny refuel point.
  17. Yeah, i just want it stamped on the F10 Map, But without an AI, it doesnt happen. Cant imagine why..
  18. Yes, you mean like a button in the Mission Editor?
  19. This needs an overhaul.. Pilot connected... Pilot disconnected... Repeat 18 times and fill up my screen without the ability to highlight actual chat messages.... Give us a filter in the options to lock out the spam..
  20. I specifically asked and wanted to disable the module, which is why your post is very unhelpful.. The problem is in the post title. In my opening post I ask for insight into something I might of missed as a solution to my problem. It was resolved- by disabling the pack in the module manager, something I never thought of doing. A template has nothing to do with helping anyone disable the pack.. Please! Stay On Topic.. Hijacking a post and then suggesting that a solution to the problem, is 'the people that don't have it should install it' is not helpful, and has nothing to do with my post or disabling the Asset pack. It dilutes the post and fills it with nonsensical input. Which is unhelpful. Unless you are going to be helpful towards the topic, please don't contribute to the post.. Nobody needs a 'well done' unless they ask for it just hit the like button.
  21. Please allow us to display Waypoints on the F10 Map for a single pilot in a single plane.
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