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  1. Since Walleye is TV-guided, we all know it can't lock onto a target at night. And it cannot be released without locking the target. However, once the Walleye is attached to the AWW-13, you can assign a TGT via other sensors and throw it out, and it's perfectly accurate, like a GPS weapon. So, is this a bug or a feature of F18?
  2. That's a very nice video I have been flying for so long and I only know how to use the FPAS page, but I never knew there was a way to make the F18 maintain such a high speed at an altitude of more than 4w feet
  3. I can't view your trk file because I don't have Syria But everyone here doesn't seem to know much about the SLAM problem, I also have a post about SLAM-ER, but no one replied to me
  4. Here's the thing, there's an interesting mission called Foothold that I guess a lot of people have played. Once, I wanted to blow up the enemy runway with the SLAM-ER to stop the enemy from taking off, and then everyone could push leisurely with the helicopter. But there's a lot of air defense in between, so I set up two steerpoints and found that the SLAM-ER would drop to 500 feet at the second steerpoint. This is lower than LOW (5000 feet) in the parameters, and it is independent of the altitude of the steerpoint. And finally there will be a Harpoon like POP behavior before hitting the target. As shown, WP1 and WP2 are STP and WP4 is TGT. WP3 is not used at this time. But POP often gets missiles intercepted, so I wondered if I could stop it POP by adding steerpoints (added WP3 as STP). But then it gets worse, at this point it doesn't go down to 500 feet, it keeps flying at 5,000 feet and then POPs. In fact, this problem has been bothering me since I bought the F18 last October, but the SLAM-ER is not commonly used, so I didn't care at the time. However, I haven't found any documentation that states why this happens, and I don't even know if it's a bug. If not, then I need to understand how this works, because I want it to stay at 500 feet so it doesn't get locked. If you want to check it yourself, here is the two trk files. slam-er 2 stp.trk slam-er 3 stp.trk
  5. I assume your SLAMER is in TOO mode Before this Open Beta update, you only needed to set TGT once to fire four SLAMERs in a row. Because there was a bug in the TOO mode at that time, setting a TGT point would set a coordinate for the TOO1 of all GPS weapons. After the update, it is different. After setting the TGT, only the coordinates are set for the currently selected weapon. So you need to manually set the TGT for each of the weapons on each of the four pylons.
  6. If you are going to attack a Kuznetsov with a single F18 in DCS, the Walleye is probably the best option. After a low-altitude and high-speed penetration, and throwing two Walleyes, it has less than 10% of its health remaining, and it should not have the ability to counterattack at this time. Because the Walleye is a bomb without RCS, and the damage is huge (in DCS, all weapons that are classified as bombs have no RCS, so they will not be intercepted). Before dropping Walleye, though, you'll need to fire the HARM for cover at the right moment. It will intercept HARM first to give you a chance to penetrate. Therefore, you will find that anti-ship is a very embarrassing task in DCS, the ship has no damage model. Harpoon is a weapon used to incapacitate ships rather than sink them, so the damage is set very low, which is pretty useless in DCS. I wouldn't use harpoon if it wasn't for a rigorous realistic task. In a real environment, you will never use a single F18 against a single carrier. Usually, the fleet is suppressed by saturated firepower, and there will be swarms of aircraft to organize the attack. I don't know much about real situation, but according to my understanding, it should be made like this. So I guess you need a lot of F18s and a lot of Harpoon to sink Kuznetsov.
  7. I don't want to start an argument with these complaints, I've paid for these DLCs and am happy for the upcoming updates. It's just that these updates kept us waiting too long. I often hesitate when people ask me if the SC is worth buying. I had to give them a list of the pros and cons of the DLC, since its price doesn't seem to match the functionality it already has. And you're right, flight sims are a very expensive hobby
  8. I have the same feeling too This is the function of F18, those who bought F18 but did not buy SC will not be able to experience the full F18 CVN-74 has ICLS but not ACLS, so weird
  9. I know I know. I just think it's bad and funny at the same time. It shouldn't be my basis for judging whether the vehicle was destroyed
  10. Destroyed units disappear from A/G Map? That's not correct. A large piece of metal is still a large piece of metal. It would be nice to see either some form of raycasting implemented (if there isn't) or a more detailed version of the current implementation. See? With a large crater, but shows nothing on the radar
  11. I'm also curious about this as it doesn't say if it's MAP mode or GMT mode. For MAP mode, if you know a rough coordinate, you can search for the targets with TGP. Finding targets in the original MAP mode is still a bit laborious, and I usually use it to determine if there are any remaining targets, because all "dead" targets are not displayed in the MAP mode. In the image below I blew up a Hummer and it disappeared from the radar completely For the GMT mode, the smaller the movement or the higher the target (such as a helicopter) from the ground, the target icon will be more dim. I don't know how it will behave after this update. I think the fix log for these bugs needs to be more clearly stated or a related bug report would be better.
  12. Remeber set your PRF as HI when they are in hot, it can increase the max locking range But to be honest, F18's radar behavior is pretty strange sometimes. This one is off topic, but I want to share it here. I don't know why I can lock this guy who is behind me...
  13. Maybe you're right, I've been practicing helicopter flying skills as a PLT since its release and have only tried it two or three times as a CPG. But what's worse than that right now is that in multiplayer, Hellfire seems to have a hard time hitting moving targets due to sync issues.
  14. Indeed, but I feel that it seems easy for real pilots to operate LMC, they can stop the crosshair when they want. When I use it, just a little touch of the directional axis, the crosshair can no longer be controlled
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