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  1. So the F14 IA Aerial refueling practice mission gives 33y as the Tanker Tacan. it does not work now but it used to. and that's DCS choosing the channel
  2. When I attempted to log on today to play all my modules were disabled (except for community mods) and I get this error. Ive disabled AV, verified local files through steam (over 30 needed to be repaired) rebooted, verified date and time... all to no avail... Anyone got ideas?
  3. Definitely is related to VAICOM/Voiceattack. but I did notice one other minor issue. The pre takeoff brief is triggered at the opposite end of the runway than where the ATC sends you. It doesn't trigger until you are airborne and crossing the thresh hold of the 7 end, instead of the 25 end.
  4. I had good customer service from VIRPIL as well, and I fixed my problem myself. It was still disappointing to have to fix it myself after dropping 300 to get it. But yeah they contacted me and offered to walk me through it and send parts if needed. It was not a hard fix though.
  5. @TheLT I assumed he meant that package because 500 plus shipping and taxes would be around 600. But yeah, I am using VIRPIL and TM peripherals at the moment and in general im surprised at the lack of quality for the money spent. (My TM sticks are actually doing quite well though.) My Virpil throttle had to be taken apart twice to fix internal cable management issues that caused half of the device to be inoperable. I know they are not Chinese, but the situation in chinese industry is worse. The problem with my obsession in such a niche hobby is the market is so small...
  6. Orion hotas is $500 on sale right now (Reg over $800) . But even at 350 you should expect better than having to disassemble and modify your product to make it perform as it was intended to out of the box.
  7. I think Ive found the issue, but I will troubleshoot a bit more to be certain. What I can say for sure is that every time I have given the orders while Voice Attack and VAICOM were off I could give orders to individual wingman. Every time Ive tried while it was on (whether using voice or DCS keybinds ) I could only issue orders collectively under the FLIGHT submenu of the COMM menu. I dont know if something else with my system or setup in VA is conflicting or if it is just an inherent error of VA or VAICOM, but I will try to get to the bottom of it. Either way it does not seem to be a bug with the mission. I really have a lot of fun with your campaigns, you do an amazing job!!
  8. On this mission I follow waypoints, get the inflight brief, and get the message to assign waypoint to the wingmen. My fm is set 32.5 I try flight fly to my steerpoint, and then 2nd element fly to my steerpoint to steerpoints 4 and 5 respectively. my radio out chirps saying only "2" or "3" but neither wingman diverts, and keeps flying with me. Ive verified freq is correct and I am keying the correct radio. If I fly close to SP they will break off when they get close to it, but then they both divert to the same one. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. If I choose Flight from the com menu they will both respond, but wingman and element comms do nothing
  9. Ok I had the Chinook and deleted it not the CH47. Deleted it and all good now. My bad for missing the previous bug report and looked and somehow missed it.
  10. I have it and the Bell 47, deleted both to no avail.
  11. My instrument panel has an odd bug where they are greenish blocks. I play Steam openbeta in VR.
  12. Im on a 2080 Super, i7 8700k 32gb ram and I dont notice any stuttering. I run on mostly high, except distance which is set to med. Havent fired up the mosquito yet so idk how that will affect it. , I am just about to try it out.
  13. What stick do you have that no longer works? Its not an X56 perchance?
  14. I agree it is a joy to fly, probably still my favorite rotary wing in the game, just took me longer to get the hang of. Especially taking off at high elevations, it just wouldnt go, then generators fail, lose control and fall. I realized I had to start slow coax it, get forward momentum first. But as you said, every one has their own experience. Still we agree its a great helo.
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