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  1. Yeah I don't really use them . I didn't start looking at them until I noticed the odd behavior and thought the hashed areas indicated AB. The rest still applies I hear the click normally associated with AB activation but its on the axis rather than with the AB gate button and I can't really tell when I am at mil. Either mil is in the same place but the animations have changed to resemble AB (though this wouldn't explain the bump/click that is the audio cue for the the AB). Prior to this mil was the upper stop of the physical throttle axis and I could only after afterburner by using my gate button. There are supposed to be something like 5 zones but to my knowledge these are not in yet. Just AB or not. I have not played much for the past 3 weeks though, so I may have been from a previous patch as well.
  2. I don't see anything in the patch notes about afterburner but I'm getting (or think I'm getting an uncommanded switch to burner as part of the throttle axis now rather than with the button I have assigned to the afterburner gate... or maybe the animation for mil power was changed to better reflect reality but the fuel consumption etc seems to suggest that it afterburner.
  3. Does athe 54 prefer to loft even when it isn't necessary? The pattern i have noticed is that shorter range pal/stt locks don't seem to loft but like a switch at some point they will just try to loft sight up and thrn try to drop down vertically.granted I dont know thr exact scan zone for the seeker. But it seems like a more lateral travel would increase the chances of the missile seeing the target for a longer period of time. Thinking flatter trajectory arty fire vs a mortar. The motar shell has smaller cep, and doesn't really get a chance to see a moving target unless the target passes directly under it, but a arty shell has potentially spends more time "seeing" its target because they are moving almost in the same plane. In many of my tests my phoenixes are doing reverse maverick from the recent trailers where the missile just drops almost vertically to one side of the target . It has energy but its just not guiding or seeing the target. Most hits I do achieve occur 45 degrees or less. The steepness of the arrival angle seems to matter here, and I don't recall it ever being as aggregated as it is.
  4. The feed switch balances fuel by forcing depletion of the selected set of tanks forward and right or rear and left . There is no transfer, its just that one both engines feed off of one set until a near balance is achieved and then the in the norm feed setting one engine is fed by each set of tanks. I have noticed the forward and right always seems to have more fuel but when I set feed to that tank set and forgot about it for a bit I definitely drained that tank set. More than rear and left.
  5. Had this happen as well on an A during field landing. Throttled down and then no more inputs were accepted i switched to manual throttle mode and that didn't work. Can still cut the power and start engines again, but it acts like the aircraft is not seeing the axis. Actually cleared and rebound my bindings and got no response. Had to restart thr mission to get it to work again. Edit read or heard something about a mechanical linkage that could only be reset by the ground crew, but that specifically effected the auto pilot itself, not the throttles. If the link broke you just couldn't use autopilot as I recall, but I mention it here because I thought it might be associated in some way
  6. Would not be surprised in ye olde tymes capacitors were often made of paper and even wax coated paper degrades. there was an antifungal coating put on radio components that served in the tropics but I'm also thinking about batteries many of thr older missile such as those used on earlier talos missiles were single use and could actually mess up the electronics if they sat on the rail too long (that is assembled armed loaded onto launcher and powered) .. not saying that us the case because I know more about radios from the time than missiles, and what I so know tends to focus on ship launched but just knowing about the components available at the time .. lots of points of failure. There was typhon system before the aegis system that most us warships carry, but it was canceled because the concept outpaced what could be achieved reliably with what was available at the time.
  7. The ault report pointed out many missile failures were due to issues associated with tropical settings and that no one really knew how to take care of missiles that return on aircraft. Vietnam was really the first war where missiles were used and everyone was doing stuff for the first time in combat conditions. Tech around that time was tube based in a lot of cases and the batteries were a bit questionable. No standardized reconditioning practices in place etc
  8. Snap views for the fuel quantities would be nice.
  9. Maybe I missed something but everything found indicated it inoperative that is, the scr 522 worked so long as you set channels via ME but the bendixhoming set worked as a iff but did not have full functionality.
  10. Seems like with all the work that was done to the mosquito along these lines it could be retroactively added to the 51 pacific version. .. think thats the 30? Would be nice to have radios as a substitute for way point markers on the f14 etc.
  11. does this have anything to do with why I cannot bind trim controls in the mossie? The bindings are still there but I cannot bind anything to my joystick. The keyboard ones still work but ..well there are quite a bit of previous bindings missing. no axes at all except for views
  12. I do not use thrustmaster, Am using a VKB set up with the sem and THQ modules have two duplicate input sets for the same controller. The latest is that the DCS is confusing the Throttles for the X axis of my joystick and is not letting me bind my physical X axis to anything. Going to try to recalibrate everything before I do that, and then just try a clean install of DCS... Though I am not at all convinced the issue is DCS since MSFS is showing two duplicates of the joystick/modules as well.
  13. I ran across this too. I have been using a ... what is it.. trimmer maybe? where when the wheel is spun up its a series of button presses and not an axis? I have been thinking about creating a virtual one of those as a work around. dont know if its doable with VKB software yet, but that would theoretically require a different profile for the stick software altogether because it would be changing the inputs to the game on the stick end rather than game end. I have one of those rotary wheels that acts as two buttons already, but it is at the opposite end of my control set up. kind of frustrating. Also might be able to program voice attack to unlock the control with a virtual key press but again I dont know how many presses of page up it takes to unlock the throttle. The last solution that probably will never happen is a binding similar to what some of the jets have that moves the ingame throttle out of the cut position and into a start position. Many of jet throttles will not respond until you do that. seems like they could have done it here.
  14. in my case DCS and MSFS seem to be seeing two exact copies of the same hardware. So It might not be a DCS issue. Both controller tabs are mapped to the same physical device. Sorry i missed these replies.
  15. By this i do not mean binding profiles associated with a module, but the columns in the bindings menu that are associated with a given controller. I have two of these device columns that are associated with the same physical device and wish to delete one of them, but cannot locate anything other than my saved bindings for the software modules. I have rescanned and it did not rid me of the duplicate
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