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  1. It is possible to use the Esp32 in serial mode like arduino boards do. Enviado desde mi SM-A217F mediante Tapatalk
  2. Hello everybody, I share with you my solution to the DCS-Bios multi-module management for any button box. The code is based on an ESP32 that allows fully wireless communication with DCS, that means it is not required any USB port https://github.com/pavidovich/ESP32_MultiModuleDCSBios The code can be easiliy adapted to your button box, just replace the function getButton() (present in the ESP32_Code.ino) with any other that gets the button ID from your button box. There are 3 examples based on the A-4E-C, F-5E-3 and T45 modules. Just take into account that these examples are based on my button-box, so you should adapt them to your necessities.
  3. RpiPico can be programmed using the same Arduino IDE environment, the C/C++ code can be directly compiled. There are many web pages that explain how to configure the IDE, here you are one https://www.techtonions.com/programming-pi-pico-using-arduino-ide/ Generic libraries should be able to be used with the RpiPico, as on others platforms (ESP32, STM, ...)
  4. Arduino Pro Micro is able to do the job! it allow us to create any button box. But, the RPi Pico it can also do this but furthermore it can simultaneously do much more other stuff, as manage displays, servos, and why not some VGA screens. This is because it is dual core, higher clock speed, bigger amount of memory, the ability to program its I/O pins, etc.
  5. Hi all, maybe this video shows how to create a HID device. It seems quite easy to create a joystick and because the huge power of the Pi Pico it will be possible to add much more functionalities.
  6. Thanks a lot for your comments, I really appreciate them!
  7. Hi all, I share with you my afterburner detent approach for the TWCS that is based on a mechanical parts instead of magnets. There is a lever that must be lift up to allow the throttle continues its movement. Here you are the link to thingverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4925168 The video shows how it acts.
  8. There is an Android app that could be what you are looking for https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308547/ Enviado desde mi SM-A105FN mediante Tapatalk
  9. Wow!!! this is fantastic!!!! Can you share the button/switch templates? I'm thinking a lot about the possibility to have an "universal" button box but I'm really confused as there are a really big amount of options and commands to select!!
  10. Many thanks, for sure it will be really helpful. I'll take a look!
  11. Firstly, my apologies for my horrorous english I'm trying to catch some data using the export.lua, this data will be use to activate some haptic devices to obtain a more realistic feeling. Currently I'm starting with a vibration motor attached to the joystick just to get the gun feedback when it is used. The main problem is to obtaine the information of using the gun or even any other armament. Is this really possible? Furthermore, there is really little information about the available functions that could be used in the export.lua. I've been reading a lot of messages, but in the end, all of them just point to the same functions. Is there any place with more detailed documentation? Many thanks in advance!
  12. Wow, that's fantastic! Enviado desde mi SM-A105FN mediante Tapatalk
  13. Many thanks for your comments, I'll take a deep insight on the link. For sure there will be a lot of useful information. Furthermore, great pics!
  14. I've added a LCD screen and two additional push buttons. The main goal is to include a timer to help me in the IFR procedures. The LCD screen uses the I2C bus and both buttons are digital inputs directly controlled by the Arduino Micro.
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