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  1. Yeah the silence is horrible. Currently have the F18 and AH64 and a lot of maps .... but I will not buy any other module until there is a dynamic campaign.
  2. Absolutely love it …. Now the dynamic campaign to use it with !!!!
  3. Well i must agree and doubt its FOV only. it also is in outside views. I tend to recognize fake ukraine vids on youtube because the planes seam to look to be flying in some slowmo in comparison to real jets flying low and fast. Also a real vid of a hind somehow shows to be faster then a DCS hind flying by. Somehow the speeds look of to me. When flying the H145 in MSFS at 100 kts it feels faster then the AH64 in DCS. A mach 1 F18 flyby looks way slower then a real flyby of an F18 on YT for example.
  4. Found the binding was not asigned on middle mouse ( Force cursor off )
  5. Hi Whatever I bind in views I can not move the view inside the cockpit with the mouse. In the F/A-18 I can press the scroll wheel and then freeload in the cockpit and zoom with the scroll. I would like that for the AH64 also. Whatever I do ... its not working.
  6. Any news on this ? Nice I have the F18 and AH64 ... but want to use it in a good working campaign ! Its now march 2022 and no real updates ....
  7. @BIGNEWYI am aware its WIP ... but was just asking for some news or updates to share. Many other projects are WIP ... but with regular updates right .... the AH64D is not even released to early access either but we have some info an early movies at least. Hope we have something on a timeframe or some screens in a newsletter article or something .... just to still my hunger
  8. Was hoping for the "other sim" version ... that would be PERFECT ....
  9. That's to bad ... hope in the next few news letters we finally get something. think a single player dynamic campaign is very important. We have a lot of AC modules ... now something nice to use them with. I know there are a lot of nice campaigns there ... but a full dynamic campaign would be so cewl !!!
  10. Yeah ... the AH64D in a Dynamic Campaign would be IT That is an old 2021 roadmap right ? Nothing more recent ??
  11. Hi Could a SIMPLE World map be the basis ... with the add maps ons on top of it ???? The main use is to connect the detailed DLC Maps we have now. So you can fly between maps. For example : Fly from Israel over the simple map to Iran to bomb a power plant. over a piece of land that has no buildings ... just hight points / and low res textures ( will only fly high alt anyway ) A bit like microsoft flight simulator but less detailed when u get closer. So someone develops an RAF BASE in the UK and then flies from that UK airfield to bomb on the new falklands map Extreme example but would be possible this way .. as long as we have a whole lot of simple ocean to fly over to connect the maps. Does not need super high res ... no real buildings .... because it is only crossed at high altitude. Not for bombing purpose. With that Simple MAP ( lets say max 20 GB for the world map ) there are a lot of new possibilities. Refueling heaven
  12. Any news on this ? We have lots aircraft and helicopter modules. It would be nice if we can finally use them in a the "RTS" Dynamic campaign. There is a lot of silence though. Will this be released 2021 ?
  13. i have the same with the slew keys since 1 week and did see more posts on this ??? starting to doubt its nulzone related ... or a bug
  14. weird stuf ... i have exactly the same since a week ( stable )
  15. looks like it is working ... thanks again
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