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  1. It was already teased last year and still no words about it from M3, so we may wait years before they will talk about it. But seeing how fast is M3 and considaring the crusader is still in early développment, i doubt the Su-17 will be released before at least 2028
  2. I have found this image posted on a Facebook group. I think it has much more chance to be south atlantic map but that would be cool if it really is Afganistan map, even if it is one more "desert map", it fit 80-2020 era blue, red and fictionnal pakistan side.
  3. Well, the only thing I would like, and i hope someone from ED will answer to this question, is to know if it's possible or not, and if it is, how difficult it would be to make an amphibious waterbomber like the CL 415 in DCS. It would be really really fun and challenging and i'm sure that a lots of new customers who are not interrested at first by making simulated wars, would come into DCS. ( I can easily imagine the effect it would have on the "2024 and beyond" DCS trailer ) Moreover Caucasus seems to be a perfect map for it.
  4. A CL-415 would be awesome, and could bring more new customers into DCS. But i wonder if it's technicaly possible and how difficult it would be to do a waterplane into DCS? Can someone from ED answer to this question?
  5. 29:48 ; ED wants to implement it after finishing super carrier
  6. Su-17 is a really good Idea, it will be day one for me (as well as F4U-1D and F8), thanks a lot Magnitude 3
  7. While Mig 17 , Mig 23 and MIG 29 are planned, we definitly need this map! It perfectly fit the entire cold war and modern era.
  8. Chinaski


    P-38 is the last main figther which is not yet planned for the 44 European theater. We talk a lot about the priority between 262 vs the Hellcat , but the P-38 would perfectly fit Channel, normandy and the pacific map. I really think P-38 should be a priority for ED.
  9. I think after the mosquito, ED will focus on the pacific theater, it is what i understand from the post of Nineline in the Me 262 topic. I hope the choosen one will be a P-38 even if we will need Japanese aircraft
  10. It would be so great if we could get at least (in addition of what is already planned): - BF 109 G6 -Ju-88 -A6M Zero (Day one) -Ki-61 and Ki-84 -B-25 and/or B-24 (Day one) -P-38 (Day one) -Ju-87 -Hawker Tempest (Day one) -Yak 3 (Day one) -La-7 -Eastern european 1944/1945 Map And after that, focus on Battle of England , Libya and sicilia
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