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  1. Distance counter works for both ARK and RSBN. Distance counter was first introduced in MiG-21PFM (and retrofitted to some PFs) which is way way before RSBN. Obviously for ARK the principle of operation differs but tldr is that this is correct.
  2. Depends for who and depends where. Warsaw Pact and export customers would almost exclusively have R-3S Atoll, rather than newer R-13M missiles. Soviet Union would have higher % of R-13Ms but still primary missile would be R-3S.
  3. No, we have noticed it. Does it still persist after todays update?
  4. Will add this to my testing list.
  5. It's not that bad actually. PF and PFM limitations were noticed and somewhat addressed during their lifetime. Poland developed twin pylons for R-3S missiles, Soviets started manufacturing GP-9 gunpods ... As for air to ground, you still get H-66 Groms. But everyone has his own preferences.
  6. I agree with that although its sometimes simple a matter of latest being most documented one. Its easier to find materials for most recent version that was in service few years before rather than to a version that was in use 30-40 years before. Poland for example had very brief history with MiG-21F-13 and aircraft after few years was phased out in favor of newly acquired PFs, and in large numbers PFMs and Ms. And based on this I can tell you that its not hard to find documentation for variants such as M or bis, but it poses real problem when you try to find manuals for F-13 I always for more unique aircraft. But I'm generally weird and I like things like F4D Skyray, F-86K Sabre Dog, F-104. So I personally would look for a lesser known version of MiG-21, unique in something. F-13 is popular but in many ways still unique, however it would not be at the top of my list of MiG-21 variants
  7. So would be PF, PFM and M. I think F-13 is simply associated with Vietnam because of Have Doughnut.
  8. I still don't understand why F-13 is so popular I meanit looks great. Probably best looking 21 with its sleek silhouette but it's capabilities leave a lot to be desired.
  9. Nah, Soviet Union had RP-22 in use since 1966 with MiG-21S. Soviets were just reluctant to export MiG-21 with that type of radar. If you look closely, MiG-21S has export equivalent in form of MiG-21M (with tiny differences) but instead of RP-22 radar it has RP-21, MiG-21SM has export equivalent in form of MiG-21MF and again without RP-22 radar. Its always the same pattern where Soviet Union provides to its allies and customers aircraft with lesser capabilities than those operated in VVS / PVO. I have manual covering Groms operation and installation on 21MF specifically. So you are right that it should be able to guide it
  10. The MF did not have RP-22. Both documents (manuals) and real life footage confirm that. Picture that you have shown even confirms that. Look at radar control panel. Its from RP-21. RP-22 radar modes panel (called Block 19) looks like in DCS and I have one at home:
  11. MF, not M. M had different cockpit layout, older ASP type, etc. Panels are in fact very different in terms of shape:
  12. Decision is not for me to make but yes. It was contemplated. Personally I'm not a fan of it. Like entire mechanics on board is a couple lights and indicators, while you would have to say good bye to SAU and RSBN. Lasur would require a significant Ai programming to have competent GCI system. I have manuals both for ARL-SM Lasur system (airborne part) and Vozdukh-1M (ground part), plus a few polish traning programms for GCIs on how to vector fighters to the targets, how to maneuver them (GCI has to know flying characteristics of the 21 to asses maximum turns at given altitudes and interception courses). It's certainly useful against bombers in reality where you maintain radio silence and thus delay any chance of detection of the interceptors. But for DCS SAU and RSBN are a lot more significant. And Im simply a fan of more autonomous aircraft. However if we ever were to make another variant of the 21 than pretty much anything from PF to 21bis Lasur has ... Lasur
  13. They were lighter, for sure, making them more agile. But I've seen a wide range of comments about them. Anywhere from stating that F-13 was the only 21 that could dogfight in the vertical even without the afterburner, or that PF was like a sports car to very opposite comments. You get less weight, but also less power since R-11 engine does not deliver nearly as much thrust as R-25 in bis. As for the weapons ... F-13 certainly. But PF, PFM and M could use also R-13M missiles. And DDR MiG-21PF and PFM (called SPS and SPS-K) were provided in the 1980s (by 1982 I believe) with R-60 capability. Real problem is that you cant carry as many missiles as bis. And you have to make a choice - either fuel tank or gunpod, in case of PF
  14. I know, Flugplatzmuseum Rothenburg I believe its called. Its on my list. Eastern Germany still holds a decent collection of Soviet birds. Another one is Flugplatzmuseum Neuhardenberg, which is unique in that it has nearly untouched MiG-21bis SAU and MiG-21F-13. Unfortunately they arent particularly responsive when contacted
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