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  1. Aye! I agree. Very intresting mission. A no-fly-zone ffs! :P
  2. Great shots as always Viper! Have you considered movie making?
  3. Great desk-shots SVK :D Impressive amount of print-outs :P Thanks to all who were part of RF3. Great flight, good game! I can't wait till the next RF. (Hopefully the next one will be at a more suitable time of day ;))
  4. Still having audio issue's... Couldn't get FC to run with Creative Alchemy (DLL error)
  5. Oh no Fudd... What have you done.... :P |375 533 |/= j00 <4|/| /\/\4|<3 5|\|<3 0/= 7}{|5...
  6. Aye, same here. When that A10 was wreaking havoc on our armour I was sure we'd lost... :) Thanks to all participants, and the 2 Fudds in particular.
  7. In a way it's kinda cool! 4 times the terrain for the price of 1! :P
  8. Yep.. That's what I was thinking as well. :D For a couple more picture see this topic on our forums.
  9. Yup, sure looks sweet! Are you building it Viper101?
  10. I don't see the problem with one or two 'lone wolfs'... If I was a lone wolf I'd try my very best to hang on to a squad during RF. I think that on your own you wouldn't last long against a trained squadron. :D
  11. I'm so bummed I couldn't make this flight. :( When is the next one planned? :P
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