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  1. new Map idea, location USA, Mirage F1 vs F-35, match will be ferous between the old warriors and the youngs from top gun, that will be interessting Fort Worth will provide adversary air training to pilots at Luke, Holloman, and Eglin air force bases New from 10 August 2022, but we need F35 add on for dcs ^^ https://defbrief.com/2022/08/10/atac-secures-us-navy-f-35-chase-flight-contract-for-its-mirage-fleet/
  2. if it is only spainish jet fighter air force wanted by aerges, you have also the famous F-104 starfighter alias the "Widowmaker" , eurofighter and F4 phantom are currently in work by heatblur
  3. jpbordi

    Next project ?

    Hello 'I bought the module, of course, the F1 mirage will have a lot of updates coming, but I'm very happy, not to mention the campaigns surely coming Aeges has an idea of the next jet project, mirage 3/5 (in service in pakistan), IV, jaguar (in service in India), super etendard? (6-day war or Falklands War), hurricane/mystery, tornado, mig 25,F-104 ? other? KR
  4. https://stormbirds.blog/2020/10/23/la-7-teased-by-octopusg/ 23 October 2020
  5. seem mig 23 not present in the teaser 2022, only F15E seem on the end, A6 intruder on start ? and some upgrade harrier
  6. For my view,The I-16's opponent would be the bufalo brewster B-239, when Finland was at war with Russia against I-16 ww II. The B-239 being considered obsolete, its behavior in combat was very surprising. 459 victories claimed against 15 lost during 41-44. of course you need map battle for fun with il2
  7. For my view, it is just my dream list, Modern Because eurofighter T1 (air/air), rafale F1 marine (air air), F2 (air/air/air-gorund) and gripen, Mirage 2000-5/9 1960 years generation Phamtom F4, F100 & Mig 17 Mig25,Mig 27, Mig31,F104,Mirage IV. Mirage III/V ( 6 days/falklands war ), super étendard, alpha jet, i have bought (hawk) not more possible to play warbird, i love il2 but its getting old, seem no more upgrade, no successor ? yak 3 &9, mig 3, la7, P40 kittyhawk, Hellcat, wildcat,p38, A6M2 zero,ki86,ki60,d3A bf110,do336,ju84,me262 morane ms406,devoitine,block M62,hawk 75, huricane,hawk typhon Macchi Mc 200/205,
  8. Surely Mirage III, not same story, dagger is a copy of Mirage V, i prefer the original, Mirage III & V is alway in service in some countries like pakistan 92 Mirage III, 82 Mirage V, as bomber rule high speed and ground attack. Used in case of lot of conflict. For the M2000-5, if they started since 2019, may be we will see something after 3-5 years work. we saw already the big rework of M2000-C update in this case. the first version was already deliver in summer 2020, after will come lot of delivery for capabilities to french air force, long term A330 MRTT phoenix, rafale and other component, alphajet?pilatus?A400M?transall? But no fantasm, the priority for razbam is the customer not us. my source, french only sorry, Network Mass Simulation project (jump 3m0s)
  9. That is possible lot of ressource of RAZBAM work already on dlc module, but only for French Air force needs, first on M2000-5 and may be rafale later, because M2000-C is getting to old (no fox3), that can be explain why other module are just maintained and slow dev. I dont know if they will release one version donwgraded for an public add on. i will surely buy when done, but must wait some years. school pilot
  10. jpbordi

    Mirage F1 hype

    US mirage F1 fleet, on the way to playing agressor with F22/F35 Second live of 48 mirage F1
  11. hello, thanks for the work, we have a lot of plane to play, as for the bugs, i know, they will be corrected with time and updates. for me that look normal. I hope you'll be able to make one day the new M2000-5 module (for the fox3) from the M2000-C, it will review the radar, the ew and the mica missile. For the Falklands map, I hope you will be able to make all the aircraft/ship/helicos that were players in these battles. But clearly, it seem they have no more time developpment for dcs current projects, tucano, mig23, thunder,f-15e and all other seem freezed. they work only for the bug fixing mainly for the harrier. The team work for something else, surely for the customers priorities.
  12. ok i understand, i get a complete module list in the module manager i click off the modules are not permitted in the list. it doesn't show any more the unwanted popups requested for serial number for dlc jets againt's FC3 (flamming cliff) jets (already present). Sorry, it is fixed Thanks a lot.
  13. i dont know if the list is up to date, seem they increase team https://razbamsimulations.com/index.php/our-team
  14. Hello Since some update 2.5.x, i get minor issue, i have DCS wolrd 2.5.6 + FC3 flamming cliff + all dcs jet module except JF17 when i start DCS, it say "please provide serial number" for some jet ? what that ? i click skip i try jet and it is working for A10-A (FC3 why ?) F15-C(FC3 why ?) GNS430 (i never order, why this request ?) SU25 ( included DCS wolrd) SU27 (FC3 why ?) after iget popup Authorization is valid for 2d 23h 56m The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: Su-25 A-10A F-15C MiG-29 NS430_Mi-8MT GNS430 NS430_L-39C Su-27 i doesnt understand, because i can use A10A,F15C,sU25,Mig29,su27 (FC3) in single mission. they are usable because FC3 module Seem reference to unpurchased separate module without FC3 ? seem not necessery to buy because i have FC3 extension i never order NS430,GNS430, and i doesnt have i can understand disabled unpurchased module, why not, but not the popup requested for providing serial number for each jets of this list How solve that ? somebody have same minor issue as me ? thanks for your answer KR jp
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