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  1. Does the mounting rail for the F16 kit cover all the holes on the throttle base? The reviews I've seen of the v1 showed that the last mounting hole was still open. V2 looks like the rail covers even the furthest mounting hole.
  2. Do you have v2 of the Orion? Looking at the pictures on the website for the v2 it looks like the rail for the frame covers all the mounting holes. Is that the case?
  3. Not sure if this will help. I noticed a lot of games underperforming on alder lake. Especially on windows 10. HWMonitor showed the ecores maxed at 100% and the pcores sitting are 50-60. I used the program process lasso to keep the games off the e cores helped a ton. It's "free" although annoying at startup if you don't buy a license.
  4. Saw this gem while I was working at an airfield today.
  5. I got these upgrades and they were working great. I finally applied the 2020 h2 windows update. After the update my controllers are only detected by mmjoy. Windows and dcs doesn't detect them anymore. I reverted the update but still no luck. Anyone have any idea? Nevermind got it sorted
  6. Keeps crashing for me. Found just loading it in the mission editor uses close to 10GB of ram. In game in not sure
  7. Im in San Antonio. I fly the 16 but am also looking for someone to fly with. I usually fly 8-10pm central time give or take. Im still in the training phase myself so I probably wouldn't be much of a coach.
  8. Good and lines. Same spot different zoom.
  9. Hmm I cant upload one of the screenshots...but there is a zoom level where it changes from good to lines.
  10. Same problem here. Didnt notice it until I deleted shaders and fxo and repaired. Could have been there before. Went back to 2.5.5 today. Problem is there just not as visible since its darker. Even on a static airplane at the airport I could see the lines. AMD 570 gpu
  11. Yes. I havent flown the hornet in a while but if you turn on the barometric AP it really dampens the pitch. As long as you dont go to far and disable it. Probably not proper procedure but it made it doable for me.
  12. Yeah it seems like its adjusting the release point based on total length of the run. So when I did a 10 ripple at 500 feet spacing the first bomb was 2000 ft short with bomb 5/6 being "on target". Is this how it is supposed to work?
  13. The tgp was locked on the first tank in point track for testing. With not changing the spacing all 10 hit close. Within margin of error. Increasing the spacing seems to effect all 10 bombs and it drops early. I could be wrong but shouldn't the first drop on my target and the rest get spaced to the feet after the first drop?
  14. Last night I was doing some boming runs with the tgp and CCRP. 10 cbu-97. Dropped as single but all 10. If I changed the spacing to anything but default the bombs would drop early. I have a few tracks all with different spacing. I will upload tonight. As I increased the spacing the bombs would drop earlier and earlier. By the time I got to 500ft the first bombs weren't even close to hitting. Falling way short. I'll do more testing tonight. Anyone else have this problem?
  15. The blob on the right looks like a creepy garden gnome
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