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  1. 5th. its always bothered me that the full range isnt usable Virpil rotor plus owner as well
  2. I have been revisiting the Viggen and was flying some training sorties. I have noticed that i never get mode 5 in ternav even though im within parameters (less than 500m and flight pan fixed). It is typically showing 0 and occasionally 2 or 3 but never 5. So i rolled back to stable and presto its working just fine and as expected. Im going to revisit the other patches and see which one it broke in EDIT: It appears that it was broke in DCS and up
  3. Is it possible to add BX waypoints as well as an alternate to the custom data cartridge? I tried adding BX1-BX3 (to be used for fixes along my route) but it appeared to not work
  4. whartsell


    you can change fuzing options but none of the HOF,SPIN,etc "Smart" refers to the guidance
  5. whartsell


    Even though the A-10C allows this in game in RL you cannot change these settings (HOF,etc)in flight on the Hog. They are done via ground crew. We get to do it via DSMS as we dont have ground crew
  6. reference A1-AV8BB-NFM-000 PG 217 Section 4.1 Limitations AV-8B – 585 KCAS/1.0 indicated mach number (IMN). TAV-8B – 550 KCAS/0.9 IMN. There is also a chart 4-8 that will give you specific speed vs altitude. And then the weapons also have limitations based on configuration. you would take the lowest of all three
  7. Gear doesnt need hydraulic pressure once they are down and locked
  8. I am really enjoying the C101 and want to use it in its intended role as a trainer. Obviously in order to do that multi-crew needs to be functional. What is the state of multi-crew? what works and what is still WIP? Im very excited to do some primary/secondary training in a plane with western nav systems but cant recommend my "students" buy it for training unless i know its up to the task. Depending on the state of multi-crew I would love to find another c-101 owner to play with multi crew as well
  9. ok. I have a fix in place for this (only a few lines of code) but have found another issue. you hook into mul_create_server.lua for the multiplayer server startup. Your code gets run here as expected, however when the server rolls to a new map it does not call this module as it does not re-enter mul_create_server.lua therefore the metars will not update. Im not sure if this is what you intended as most people who do server map reloads on a time interval do so by killing DCS and restarting. DAWS_Weather_mul.lua
  10. Ok. It would be really useful to have the metar there as there is no reliable in-game way of getting the info, specifically QNH. With regards to how to handle the metar, one suggestion is to save the original description to a temp (table or file) then when you reload just replace the description with the saved original and the metar concatenated. That way you dont need to worry about a search and replace. If your code is is in source control, i can clone it and if i have time make the changes and submit a pull request. No guarantees as im on Paternity Leave with a 2week old baby and can get quite busy
  11. Just tried this with OA 2.0.3 with the DAWS_ICAO:KLSV:DAWS_ICAO tag. According to the logs its loading. The weather report shows it as loaded but the METAR line in the briefing isnt there
  12. All, Currently this mod is not compatible in 1.5 (mostly works but gui is munged) or 2.0 (there are code conflicts in sections that i changed). I have identified the areas and hope to have a fix out by the end of the year. If that changes Ill let you know. Also remember that 1.5 and 2.0 are Beta and Alpha respectively so dont be surprised if it breaks again before they go RC as the velocity of code changes will be high
  13. No problem...let me know if it works fine for Nevada.. It *should*
  14. Great. Idea..Ill check out what you have done and get it merged into the mod available for DL
  15. Sorry i havent been around for a while...RL and Kids.
  16. might be able to do that via lua
  17. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2318196#post2318196
  18. On second thought. if you use my static menu mod it should also "just work" for nellis as well. Ill have to check it out
  19. yes it can be done...i did it for the Caucases map
  20. yeah i noticed that but I do believe there is a file there that can be changed as well
  21. I just came across this thread after noticing the lack of navaids for the Hawk. Good stuff
  22. here is a bit to get the process started... AC_20-138D Guidance for the airworthiness approval of installed positioning and nav equipment. Read this first http://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_20-138D_Change_1.pdf the TSO system https://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/design_approvals/tso/tso_regs/ The regs around all certfification. Equipment is buried around section K if i recall http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?rgn=div5;node=14%3A1. TSO-C129a GPS http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgTSO.nsf/0/e560cd9c6acf8ba186256dc700717e0f/$FILE/C129a.pdf
  23. when you say certify new hardware you have to be a bit more specific. Do you mean VFR or IFR? on what type of platform? Standard Type Certificate or EAB ? for what type of operation? Far 91 or 121 etc. Permanent or handheld? Its a really messy system and unless you got loads of cash you can forget about any market outside of EAB aircraft There are a ton of systems out there they are very reasonable for example... https://www.iflygps.com/ https://www.foreflight.com/ my plane will have a full glass cockpit with this efis.... http://www.thenewskyview.com/
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