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  1. Can you disable the force feedback shake effect for SFM aircrafts? I changed it to ShakeGain = 0; in Contactor.cfg but it has no effect on SFM.
  2. I use it plug n play in Vista, works well. However I only have spring and trim forces, are there supposed to be shake forces as well?
  3. Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 37789, 900000, 7, 115, 41.988 E6600, 8800GTS, Vista 64-bit 1280x1024 High/visib range medium Edit, setting nvidia graphics to quality and 4x AA/8x AF gave better results for some reason, Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 53995, 900000, 22, 225, 59.994
  4. You probably need to check swap axis under FF TUNE or you'll get opposite trim forces, neither setting should center the stick though.
  5. Not to mention the eastern russian version , 300 rubles :O (which is troublesome to buy for obvious reasons)
  6. I can confirm that there are problems, the game freezes most of the time when I load a mission on my system (Vista32).
  7. Good to know. From MSFS I'm used to not having any tension on the stick (FFB) so hovering with it is different, unkowingly I have been practising the pressed trim button technique. But I see that you don't need to do that, you can have the tension on and rather than flying with your fingertips you apply some pressure to do corrections. I wonder how much tension there is on the springs, is this acccurately modelled with 100% MSFFB2? :)
  8. A server on one of those Swedish 100/100, 10/10 connections would be nice :)
  9. What they do is have their tracking software speak with the Track-IR interface etc rather than reinventing the wheel, if NP prevents that they'll probably look for other solutions.
  10. You can also get Producer's Note #6 (Weapons) in high res here, http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?end_pos=133&scr=products&lang=en
  11. If you want to do a comparison the screenshot is from СУХУМИ, Georgia. It doesn't matter which single core you set affinity to. - Right click the process in task manager, 'Set affinity...'
  12. I don't have any special setup, but I could mention that I had to check Swap Axes under FF TUNE for Joy X and Joy Y, before that the trim forces where opposite.
  13. 1 Core - 18 FPS http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/8594/screenshot028rd7.jpg 2 Cores - 30 FPS http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/7287/screenshot027jl5.jpg E6600(2.4Ghz), 4GB ram, Vista32
  14. Maybe this F1 - LCtrl , Natural head movement view Unless you mean trackir.
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