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  1. Just assign in DCS, it's not hard and will take around 10mins!
  2. Show us your monitor.lua and also tell us how your 2 cubesim screens are positioned in windows?
  3. You'll have a better chance at finding answers if you post in the correct subforum - https://forum.dcs.world/forum/70-input-devices/
  4. I wish ED would lock these old forums. They really serve no purpose now @NineLine? I think you'll have a better chance if you post in the correct subforum - https://forum.dcs.world/forum/302-virtual-reality/
  5. Can you see the sliders in Windows game controllers?
  6. ahhhh, yes it does. They are analog axis's
  7. You do realise that you are in the DCS 2.0 open Alpha sub forum? You have a better chance if you ask here - https://forum.dcs.world/forum/302-virtual-reality/
  8. It's called having patience. You will receive it!
  9. have you tried changing the mode using the 'Switch Mode' menu?
  10. Cannot be done...just move it out of the detent. There is no throttle input between rear stop and Idle/off!
  11. Are you sure that you have calibrated correctly?? Here's a short vid I made on the correct procedure....
  12. Sorry, you have me confused. In Simappro you will have no throttle input from the aft stop to idle cutoff
  13. There is no throttle input from idle to below. When you move your throttle from the idle stop back, you are pressing the idle/off binding
  14. VR or TrackIr? You may also want to check your nVidia control panel and set [Vertical Sync] option from 'Use the 3D application setting' to the 'Fast' option and save....only if you have an nVidia graphics card of course?
  15. If it's the F/A-18, go into DCS - options -controls and search for the idle/off binding......you do know how to assign buttons in DCS???
  16. See my Sig....Simappro first before DCS bios, Simshaker and Tacview. I'm at a constant 80 to 90fps
  17. You won't get a response from Winwing here. Log into their site and log a ticket. In the mean time just allow it to install. I've been using Simappro for over 2yrs with no problems
  18. Calibrate your throttle first...in Simappro Set your A/B detent second...in Simappro Assign your idle detent in DCS settings to idle/off....in DCS
  19. No, it's meant to blink! My Taurus has dome for 2 years now.
  20. Sorry, can't answer your mounting question as I have a Taurus
  21. What throttle....Taurus or Orion? The shutoff detent is a button press, just assign it to Idle Off/On in DCS
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