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  1. No mods at all, I even removed Tacview and ran a cleanup and slow repair before my last RODF08 freeze. No doubt it's a DCS bug, possibly the same as a similar issue others have reported related to AI Tomcats in the 2.7 bug forum. This mission is the only place I've encountered it. I'm 3 freezes on 3 attempts at completing it. I wonder what's happening in the mission that causes the bug to revel itself and if the circumstances can be replicated in a shorter mission to help ED track the bug down?
  2. I always hit a permanent freeze where DCS quits responding at the end of mission 8, around 50 nm from Mother. I have the same errors in my log but they happen more than 10 minutes before the freeze: 2022-08-07 22:16:03.072 ERROR SOUND: invalid source_params(woLA-16806656:aircrafts/uh-60/enginel): gain 2022-08-07 22:16:03.072 ERROR SOUND: invalid source_params(woLA-16806656:aircrafts/uh-60/enginer): gain 2022-08-07 22:16:03.072 ERROR SOUND: invalid source_params(woLA-16806656:aircrafts/uh-60/rotor): gain 2022-08-07 22:16:03.072 ERROR SOUND: invalid source_params(woLA-16806656:aircrafts/uh-60/distant_flyby_s): gain 2022-08-07 22:16:03.072 ERROR SOUND: invalid source_params(woLA-16806656:aircrafts/uh-60/distant_flyby_b): gain ... 2022-08-07 22:19:53.697 ERROR SOUND: can't load wave: "speech\eng\common\allied flight\usa\3\effects\aircrafts\cockpits\radioclickbefore.wav" 2022-08-07 22:19:53.730 ERROR SOUND: can't load wave: "speech\eng\common\allied flight\usa\3\effects\aircrafts\cockpits\radioclickafter.wav" ... 2022-08-07 22:30:59.191 DEBUG Scripting: Phrases make : key = 4364 The good news is that I skipped Mission 8 and mission 9 is an excellent mission that I was able to land without a freeze.
  3. Are you following Knights vectors to the first aircraft and identify it as a commercial flight before he vectors you to the IL-76?
  4. If I remember correctly, Knight is giving you Bullseye calls. So that's going to be bearing and range from bullseye not your aircraft. Check out page 338 in the manual and/or this video if you don't know how to use the Hornet's Air to Air Waypoint feature. Also be aware that in the campaign your bullseye is referred to as "Rock." For most mission you're given a waypoint for Rock, just select it in the HSI Data Page and turn on A/A WP.
  5. I have the exact same problem. Other users have reported a similar issue where they freeze inside 50 nm from the carrier in missions that have AI F-14s here:
  6. I've had this happen twice in a row on mission 8 of Raven One: Dominant Fury. I experience the freeze on the way home, just inside of 50nm from the carrier. I believe a flight of Tomcats has just landed at this point in the mission.
  7. I've had a freeze occur twice in a row at the exact same point in Mission 8. I drop off 36 at the airport and I'm just inside 50 miles from mother, right around the time I press (com switch - com1 open radio menu) to call marshal, DCS freezes. The only mod I have installed is Tacview which was disabled. Log file attached. I deleted FXO and MetaShaders2 immediately before flying the mission. dcs.log
  8. I had the exact same freeze situation occur in Mission 8 twice in a row. I was just inside 50 miles from mother, hit the com switch - com1 radio menu button and DCS froze. I'll also post this along with my log file in the Mission 8 thread. Only mod I have installed is Tacview and it was disabled.
  9. This has been a problem for several versions. AI Tomcats will not drop laser guided bombs. They will drop unguided bombs. AI Tomcat Guided Bomb.trk
  10. That's apparently a separate bug. I think what was fixed is specific to the "Attack Runway" task for all AI aircraft. The problem with RODF M06 is that AI Tomcats won't drop laser guided bombs under any circumstances. BD is using the "Bombing" task in this mission, the attack point happens to be a runway but the problem is with the Tomcat, if it was a different aircraft, it would work.
  11. Anyone got the wind conditions for that mission? I would like to replicate it so I can practice that landing until I can do it without doing donuts across the runway.
  12. You can also select the unit you want to view in the F10 map view (if enabled) and select the corresponding external view for that unit; F7 for ground units, F6 for weapons, F9 for ships.
  13. It was probably an AI fuel issue, like you said. I tried again and did all I could to keep wave from running out of fuel. Stayed under 300 kts until rejoin and under 350 afterward. I took care to kill both choppers on the first pass. He still went running into SA6 range as soon as the F4s appeared but this time he went to Khasab like he was supposed to. Tacview-20220624-200935-DCS-Persian 6 Chopped Chops.zip.acmi
  14. DCS Open Beta Ford 410 chases F4s into SA-6 range then lands at Qeshm instead of Khasab. Mission failed because Wave never lands at Khasab.
  15. Anyone else notice the strobes on AI hornets flashing rapidly and erratically since today's OB update? If not I'll see if I can reproduce and post a track.
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