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  1. Do you really believe it's a photo? To me it seems more like a render... :thumbsup Abraço
  2. Isn't written a NOMEXA word next to it?
  3. Nice subject... I always wonder what's the real differences between average through excellent, could it be a max G load they can pull? The actual manuevers/tactics they can employ? I never found any tips on the manual... One thing I know: The "Client" behaviour is for multiplayer purpose.
  4. Tsc, tsc...! Another unhappy comment from FF... ;)
  5. Iron, Is this 1.12a compatible? Thanx ;)
  6. So, why when you destroy a bridge or a bunker, they burn for several minutes..? I believe 10 or so...
  7. Does the 100km affect FPS (increasing it) or just prevent some kind of stuttering? Thanks ;)
  8. Hehe, please take no ofense... I respect you very much ;) I just put myself in place of a person who is asking and eager waiting for an answer... in this case = BS Release Date... See ya!!
  9. Ok, all we know how hard it is to estimate a release date, but you beta testers could give us some picture as how far/close ED is to reach a gold BS... :) @ Ironhand : LOL, this was the first time I see a post from you with a pinch of sarcasm... ;)
  10. Same here... nice idea to use X key... ;)
  11. I can't wait that long... ;) For me 2~3 months is bearable... more than this is torture...!! LOL :)
  12. Hi Ironhand :) Do you have plans on making tutorials for KA50 after Black Shark's release? I'm wondering if you already taste BS, and what's your thoughts? Thank you ;)
  13. Does ED modeled a unique behavior for every AI plane? Or it's only a matter of plane characteristics (weight, thrust, drag, etc)?
  14. I notice the SU30 to be very strong in medium/close range... Thanks for your opinion buddy! ;) See ya BTW...> Nice signature, LOL
  15. Hi all whats the thoughest AI plane in A2A combat? I found the Mirage 2000-5 to be veeeeery good and hard to down... Don't know about the others. What's your opinion? ;) Thanks!! :cool:
  16. Hummm... So I'll need to uninstall some of the tweaks/addons I already installed in my Lockon. What's the best water mod for FC? Thank you Evil!! ;)
  17. Hi friends, I'm having FPS issues after installing 1.12a (I know there's some people saying they're getting increased performance, but with me is the other way...). I already installed some FPS tweaks with little or no gains... I'm confused with the Modman's "when possible, install textures in cdds files" option... Should I turn it ON or OFF? What's the best? When I turn it off Modman says that it can cause slowdowns, so I'm lost! ;) Taking the chance: What's the best FPS Tweaks you recommend? I really need some improvements... Thank you all!!
  18. Yeah, I never see such procedures in any Patch readme... ;)
  19. Thanks Vapor I'll try to remember that, next time I startup my 25T... See ya! ;)
  20. So, let's see if I got it: I have to wait those 3 minutes before or after start engines? ;)
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