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  1. Folling the missile tutorial, I click the observ switch, then LAlt+A to move to view. Can see red smoke and a red arrow, but then sight doors close, image goes blank with OPEN SIGHT DOORS in yellow, but I can't seem to open sight doors. Repeated runs of tutorial all do the same thing.
  2. Any viper drivers? Anyone able to describe actions on ICP in this vid?
  3. Also unable to install Either it isn't working or I'm not doing it correctly. Since there's NO instructions on exactly how to install campaign module, not sure what is wrong. Bought the Enemy Within 3.0, says I can install in Module Manager. Open that up and scroll to the campaign, the only button is "BUY" and when pressing that, DCS drops to desktop with open folder of DCS.... What next? update: apparently needed update from .... to, though not mentioned on campaign page in shop, which says 2.5.4+ needed.
  4. Ah, that explains; didn't remember ever downloading this, but it was there in the campaign list. Didn't realize it was included in update. So far, really liking it (4 missions so far.)
  5. Was trying a simple mission, tried launching a 4-ship F14As from carrier. They didn't even make it from parking due to crashing into each other. Anyway to get that kind of flight off the deck? Wanted to have a 2-ship launch from 'runway' and another 4 from parking hot. but then they blew up.
  6. Actually got it to work normally, w/o target or special scripts I mistakenly tried adding it to the stick instead of the throttle. Works as intended now. Now just going back through A10C tutorials to remember how to use everything.
  7. Tried that. I think. Found the option, tried to assign axis, but it wasn't 'selectable' to assign. Downloaded and read through the "CTS" stuff...thought it would be simple, but so far, just messes everything up. The 'default' method worked, but not that slider, so tried to find something to work. Not nearly as simple as the old Foxy throttle and joystick macros.
  8. Mine broke several years ago. Emailed TM, they sent me a replacement part. Used it a few more years. Sadly, tried hooking it back up a few month ago and I couldn't get it to work. I just connected a new Warthog, and am now looking how to set it up properly. Mostly, I'm trying to see if I can use the INC/DEC slider for zoom...
  9. This lua change works REALLY well. Had a string of tanks move towards each other in trees. They drove past, even around each other in order to pass, without firing a shot. Moved both groups out of the trees and they engaged normally. So, don't try to make any engagements in trees, and you should be good. Just make sure to move forces out of the trees if you want them to engage anything.
  10. There were a few CA missions I've downloaded that were pretty fun. Made one myself. Been a while, though. My ONE complaint about CA was the fact that I could not see through trees but all enemies could. If creating/playing a mission, a city scape with lots of buildings is better than open/forest area. Just saw the post below about editing the lua script to enable blocking of LOS through tree 'blocks'...gonna have to try that, soon.
  11. Use guns for first targets. at 2nd target, find all the soldiers and put bomb right between them then use guns for trucks. For bridge, go HIGH to avoid ZSU and use LGB on bridge. For tanks, use Mav for SAM then guns on tanks. For convoy, use Mavs to stop and finish with guns. USE WINGMAN as much as possible. Better he runs out of ammo before you do.
  12. This can work, sometimes. There was an A10C mission, something about river bunkers (forget actual name) that had a nasty SAM system a few miles north of the river (forget actual system, as well.) Died too many times to count flying that one. What I ended up doing was at start of mission, use TGP to locate that SAM, and then mark it. I then dove to the deck and stayed as low as possible without hitting buldings/trees, and made a beeline for the SAM. When I was close enough I popped up and launched a Mav at it. It still launched at me, but I did get the radar so it couldn't launch any more. Then went back and took out the river bunkers :)
  13. I THINK some runways have ILS in 2 directions, but most of them only have one, while others have none. Just checked mission editor map, Tbilisi-Lochini and Vaziani have ILS in both directions, as do Mineralnye Vody, Mozdok, and Krymsk.
  14. Wish I knew what I did with my red/blue glasses, that would be awesome to try!
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