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  1. I think that has to be high priority to be added or fixed! The RWR doesn´t show up A/G threat. Please fix that! That´s very important!!
  2. It doesn´t work, because auf SU-33 avionics. SU-33 has no optical A/G targeting functions.
  3. Is the right display the radar warner? Nothing shows up there. How can I detect an incoming missile?
  4. Didn´t know that with the flaps! Interesting. Are the GBUs working? The targeting pod isn´t usable I think.
  5. My DCS doesn´t load with using 2.0.2.A. Had to do a repair.
  6. On discord server the following: @everyone To put people's minds at rest. We are working on the project but any announcements, timescales and information from the old team that where developing the 35 project are no longer applicable or true to this new and current teams mod. We are the new team for this mod. We are working on it and we just want to clarify this so there are no further mix ups between the old dev team and the new and current dev team. To also clarify other questions we do not have a timescale or date on release, so if you are going to ask it please dont as we have mentioned this many times.
  7. Yes, sorry! I mean other mod aircraft. For example F-16I Sufa mod (israeli F-16 version, amazing mod!!)
  8. On the dev team´s discord server: No news about the progress of work. I don´t care about this mod anymore. There are better ones.
  9. Yes, looks great, but in my opinion better with blue nationality markings instead of yellow.
  10. I´ve noticed, that there´s a new cockpit model of the SU-30 included in the shapes folder. But in the game both aircraft have the standard SU-27 cockpit model.
  11. Yes, conflict with the SU-57 mod.
  12. crashes to desktop when placing the folder into saved Games.../mods/aircraft and starting DCS world.
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