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  1. Well it's been a week now with my gametrix 908 so I thought it was about time I gave some feed back. Well put it this way....I will not fly now without the 908 and Andres software..it I'd frigging awesome. I have had some gear in my time including the buttkicker gamer 2 and this 908 seat and this software is way better than that. I even used simvibe with my buttkicker on several games which is a pay ware software similar to Andres but simvibe was a lot harder to use and configure and was no where near as enjoyable as this...so I want to say a big thank you to Andre....thanks buddy
  2. Lolol... Not a bad word....I will just have to turn my speakers up thats all.lol... Works really well though...will give more feedback when I have had more time on it...but 1st impressions are very good thanks Andre
  3. Mine seems to make a little bit of noise which is off putting a bit...do they all do This?
  4. ok my 908 has turned up....now do i need to connect it to the second sound card or just the usb only?
  5. IMG_5430 by christopher deacon, on Flickr IMG_5531 by christopher deacon, on Flickr IMG_4708 by christopher deacon, on Flickr IMG_3052 by christopher deacon, on Flickr
  6. The euro fighter is not as great as everyone would think.. http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/indian-air-forces-top-guns-score-wins-in-the-uk-1204336?site=full Lol
  7. I will be after some sort of universal cockpit that I could fit my 22 INCH touch screen for helios
  8. im also trying to work out how to assign auto to work with my warthog stick?
  9. no problem hollywood.... im loving this f15 profile now...but just one thing maybe you could add to the next release is a way to call the map up?
  10. Ok..right I am sat on the ramp with engines off in multiplayer... what exactly do I say to request engine startup to the ATC on VHF1
  11. I can't get the ATC to work correctly though.. I can communicate with my wingman ok but when I talk to the atc it won't complete the command?
  12. lol...sorry never read all off your pdf lol
  13. Thanks for that..have you got the commands in a list so i can print them?
  14. Must be when he is using a modifier... (holding lever and pressing button at the same time..)
  15. Excellent profiles buddies thanks...I even printed and laminated the pdf files...so my next question...are you going to be doing the hawk and the mig 21 at all and if so when? Keep up the fantastic work.. chris
  16. any ideas how long the event will run and when the server be open to public again? cheers chaps
  17. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oculus-Rift-DK2-/321721962115?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4ae81f8e83 UK Only
  18. Any got a good profile for the hawk using TM Warthog they would like to share? cheers chris
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