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  1. Looks like you had fun guys and the next invite i get from you lot i will be taking you up on it..
  2. Thanks Skatezilla that worked for me.. Cheers
  3. I wish i went up to try it as fairford is only up the road from me. Is it really as good as everyone is making out? Was it DK1 or DK2?
  4. You sir are a star thanks. Will try when i finish work..
  5. Seems a waste of a second monitor though when using fc3 aircraft though. Its ok when using the a10 as i run helios on it.
  6. Ahhh thats a bit crap then huh. Im surprised here is no work around... Ohwell i will just have to use my tablet instead..
  7. Windowed mode? That the only way of doing it?
  8. Hiya all.. I was wondering if it was possible to use my second monitor (touchscreen) with pdf manuals on them whilst flying dcs? i tried it but everytime i want to change page on the pdf it minimizes dcs on my main monitor. Is there anyway around this?
  9. I was always a AMD man myself and my last cpu was the 955 Phenom but i went over to the darkside( Intel lol ) and got the i5 3570k with a ASUS P8Z77 motherboard and i can tell you one thing I wont be going back to AMD any time soon. Might be helpful if you tell us the rest of the spec?
  10. The answer is on the first few posts somewhere
  11. Well i got the pedals working now with the combined axis checked but now the aircraft wont trim at all even though the trim wheels move?
  12. Ahhhh coarse i forgot about the combined axis check box.. Will have a look at that. Are you using yours for the rudder or brakes?
  13. I dont suppose anyone is using a set of T500rs pedals with there Warthog are they? I thought it would be a good idea to use my Thrustmaster t500rs pedals as rudder pedals with my Thrustmaster Warthog but the rudder only works on one axis dont they? So i thought i would use them as wheel brakes and they seem to work but i get several problems in game when i have them connected.. 1. The aircraft will not trim at all even though you can see the trim wheels turning? 2.All of a sudden the aircraft with bank in one direction hard and wont let me put in opposite stick unless i press the reset trim Key??? Any ideas??
  14. ololololol then seem fun
  15. Take a look at 2GB gtx 770 vs 4GB gtx 770 and you will see the 4GB is not any better than the 2GB .I run a 27inch 1920x1200 and a 22inch 1920x1080 touchscreen on my gtx570 with no problems so a gtx770 will run it fine
  16. I wont bother and give other people more chance as i will be just buying them anyway as i would not want to see you out of pocket lol.. Cheers for the opportunity though. Chris
  17. Ok i got my 22" touch screen to run helios with the A10 and was wondering if i can use it in some way with Flaming cliffs 3 too? Any touchbuddy profiles or anything or even something just to display the gauges? Must be something i can use it for??
  18. 770. Im still running the old 570 and runs dcs ok but looking to get the 770 next.
  19. Im in a similar situation. I have been heavy into sim racing for a long time and i have only just started with Flight sims and i need a cockpit where i can do both. I currently run a home built cockpit but its no good for both flight sims and racing sims. Need something that i can use both my thrustmaster t500rs and my Thrustmaster warthog. This is what it used to look like when i had my Logitech G27. . I have now removed the dashboard and replaced the g27 with the t500rs and also got a 22" touchscreen as a second monitor
  20. Ok I got the A10 working but now how do I get the KA50 to work along side the A10?
  21. Sounds like you have your main monitor set as the one that has touch screen?? Look from pages 26 onwards in that PDF file
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