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  1. help please...i am undecided whether to buy 3x27" monitors,large 4k tv or a 34" 3440x1440 monitor?? i got a gtx980 on the way and a oculus rift dk2... experiences please??
  2. I had the same problem when connecting my t500rs and pedals. In the end i bought some saitek rudder pedals and just swap them over when i want to race.
  3. 2x gtx980???? Now that is just greedy lol. I too was looking at the obutto but ended up buying a Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 with all the extras and i have started building it this morning. I got one gtx 980 coming but undecided on what 3 monitors to get yet. Get some pics up when the obutto arrives. Cheers Chris
  4. Wooo hooo i cant wait to try this one.. Cheers Zeen your a star
  5. Ok guys i got a new cockpit coming and i already have trackir but i was wondering if anyone uses triple monitors with trackir? Been thinking about buying another two 27" monitors to go with the one i already have but i not sure what it will be like using 3 monitors and trackir at the same time? Does it add to the immersion or am i better off buying a single larger screen? Cheers Chris
  6. Is there anyone here using the Next level racings GTUltimate V2 cockpit for DCS? If so what do you think of it? Pros and Cons? Cheers Chris
  7. All sorted..the files in the cockpit folder got replaced..
  8. Since the last update Helios wont output the mfd screens in the A10?? Any ideas?
  9. Would do but i am still at work and dont finish for a few hours yet lol..
  10. I usually run on the 104th Phoenix server and i am always on TS but thought i would try and learn how to do it myself without bugging people on the server lol. I can land and take off quite well now but now i need to get a grasp on the tactics and how to use the systems to the best of there ability.
  11. Guys i have been playing online for a while now with the f15 and have tried all sorts of things but my kill to death ratio is terrible. I mean im lucky if i shoot down one enemy to every 25 times i get shot down. Is there a way i can find out where the enemy is with out them knowing i am tracking them? I just seems as though they can sneak up behind me with out me knowing they are there??
  12. I am in the same boat but i am also looking at the Omega GT cockpit.
  13. Yeah i would be interested in this too
  14. Hiya all. I used to do skins in some of the racing sims i used to run but i was wondering if there is any guides or templates for DCS skinning? Cheers Chris
  15. The thing is i spent a lot of time and money building my DIY racing cockpit a few years ago now and to be honest it looked the dogs dangles but its looking tired now and i cant be arsed to build something else so i was looking to cheat and just buy a frame lol
  16. Yeah i think its a toss up between the obutto, Omega GT Pro or Next level Racings GT Ultimate.. By the way what Keyboard is that you got there? My old g15 is giving up the ghost and i have been looking for a keyboard with green back lighting to match my stick
  17. Yeah seen that cockpit but the postage to the uk is crazy.
  18. Cheers For that but i should of explained better. I already have a Thrustmaster Warthog and the Thrustmaster t500rs wheel. I am ordering the Rift DK2 next week to try out.. This £1000 is set aside for just the cockpit....
  19. Hiya all. I have just come into a bit of money and i am now looking to buy myself a cockpit. The thing is i need it for both flying and racing. I got set myself a limit of about £1000 to spend on the cockpit only. So what do you guys recommend??
  20. lets not forget that some of us (me included) are new to dcs so his streams can help some people
  21. Looking good juris...good to see you making use out of my spare wheel... did you manage to get your pedals to work alongside the warthog??? i tried but couldnt get it to work correctly. It seems as though when they are plugged in you can trim the aircraft lol
  22. Does Dick (Hemdahl) still stream DCS?? Thought he quit doing it... I used to watch him play iracing and subscribed to him on twitch but i have not had a email saying he was streaming for ages..
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