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  1. I can't get the ATC to work correctly though.. I can communicate with my wingman ok but when I talk to the atc it won't complete the command?
  2. lol...sorry never read all off your pdf lol
  3. Thanks for that..have you got the commands in a list so i can print them?
  4. Must be when he is using a modifier... (holding lever and pressing button at the same time..)
  5. Excellent profiles buddies thanks...I even printed and laminated the pdf files...so my next question...are you going to be doing the hawk and the mig 21 at all and if so when? Keep up the fantastic work.. chris
  6. any ideas how long the event will run and when the server be open to public again? cheers chaps
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oculus-Rift-DK2-/321721962115?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4ae81f8e83 UK Only
  8. Any got a good profile for the hawk using TM Warthog they would like to share? cheers chris
  9. is there anyway to save loadouts in multiplayer so you dont have to select each missile individually?
  10. Thanks for thIs profile capt zeen. Got it working fine and looks great. Have you found a tool for the rwr yet? Keep up your fantastic work. cheers chris
  11. Hiya all. Well I decided I wanted to set helios again but I am now using a 3440x1440 main monitor and a 1920x1080 touch screen underneath. Now what do I set the resolution too in dcs and also what location would the top left pixel be called on my touchscreen?
  12. Well I'm running at 3440x1440 with my pc (see signature) and I only average about 40fps
  13. Anyone know of anything interesting to read (download) regarding the f15 or training manuals or anything so I can download them and have something to read on my flight home from my holiday.?
  14. I used to use the slider on the throttle for rudders but soon got annoyed with it so I bought some saitek pro flights in the end
  15. Would of signed up for this bu then I realised one life so my game would only last about 5 minutes... maybe next year when I'm better trained..
  16. Check out symprojects this is ideal and communication with them is far superior than that of leo bodnar...
  17. Well I have been reading through the last couple of pages on this thread and all I can say is TEAMSPEAK... if everyone was to be using team speak then it would clear up a lot of this teamkill trouble. I sometimes wish the 104th would make it mandatory to use teamspeak.
  18. hmmm interesting idea being able to have them custom made and not a bad price either..one question though...will you be making bigger ones and can you use more than one at any one time? cheers chris
  19. how do i install in both dcs world and beta? i can install in one the when i open the installer to install in beta it only gives me repair or modify actions?
  20. Saitek x55 and Trackir mate. You can always assign the rudder to something on your stick and buy rudder pedals at a later date.. I wont be without my trackir now...
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