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  1. Vertical? Where do you get that info? I think it's just a perspective matter from that one camera take at 0:31 min.
  2. Why the true heading and not the magnetic heading of the runway since the runway number is based on the magnetic azimuth??
  3. Is the fuel pump on? (Left side, below throttle quadrant) How high have you been? There's a specific altitude where you have to put also the fuel pressuring cock on. It's on the right side of the dashboard iirc.
  4. In the DB605 of the 109 you should burn free the plugs or change them having a drop of more than 50 RPM, which is definitely more right now in DCS. So I don't share your opinion that the engine in the 109 should be brand new. But I agree that we disagree.
  5. Well, I'm aware of that, but nevertheless would it add more immersion if all the engines had a 'used' sound/behaviour and won't behave like brand new engines. For example, like Art-J mentioned, the 109 has exactly that drop. Let's see what the devs make out of it.
  6. You have a noticeable (tachometer and sound) RPM drop when switching one magento off and keeping the other one on?
  7. Hello, I noticed that there is no RPM drop in the Spitty when switching one magneto off, like you do during the run-up check. According to the RL manual there should be a drop which shouldn't exceed 150 rpm. Also the rpm drop can be heard in this YT video: Please find attached my trk.-file. Greetings and thanks for checking out, Kappi Spitfire Mk.IX No RPM Drop on magneto switch
  8. Hey folks, just want some help on the following problem: Situation: - village (STP 5) with an enemy tank that is being constantly lased by a Reaper drone Problem: I put the TGP in LSS mode and the target is aquired. But when I try pressing TMS UP or RIGHT I can't enter Point track or Area track. Additionally the SPI stays on STP5 and not the tank, so it's messing up the CCRP drop. In the Hornet however you can stay in LSS mode and move the SPI by pressing TDC DEPRESS. Workaround: After aquiring the target via LSS you have to exit LSS and track the target via POINT or AREA track. This can't be the way it should be working, right? I mean it's the same pod as in the Hornet and yet the Viper has to exit LSS to get a valid CCRP solution? Any help or input is appreciated. Regards, Kappi
  9. Btw, it's Black Shark 3 because Black Shark 2 is the one we are you using right now :P
  10. Well, don't want to questions your experience with the MiG-29 but I can't confirm this behaviour using a X52 Pro. Maybe it's really a TMW issue seeing how many people have problems using that stick.
  11. NATOPS = Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) Since the MiG-29 is no US Navy plane there is no such thing as a MiG-29 NATOPS ;-) Cheers!
  12. Still persistent after yesterday's hotfix. No matter which laser mode the missile heads straight for the ground.
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